Nokia to Apple: Blah Blah iPhone Killer Blah Blah You Suck

Nokia said they didn't care about the iPhone back when it was introduced, not even commented on it beyond a brief "smeh." Then, they presented their iPhone killer concept, a demo that looked and acted exactly like the iPhone, even while Apple's handset was "no competition for Nokia." Now they have announced they are "readying" a real product, code-named Tube, which they showed yesterday while pooh-poohing His Steveness toy's success:

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decapitator3846d ago

It's on now, I hope Nokia isn't talking about killing "iPhone" with Ngage service.

MicroDeath SoftStar3846d ago

i really have no idea why nokia want to bring back the ngage name , its sinominous with failure and they should just move on

S1nnerman3846d ago

If it wasn't for the cost of the iphone with contract, I'd have got one already. If Nokia bring out a copy - Oooops, I mean an independently designed and well working, user friendly phone, I'll get it as my next (free) upgrade :)

Tempist3846d ago

I would feel better getting an Nokia touch phone over an Apple one. Always have had a Nokia phone and they're one fine phone to have. Best texting phones ever.