IGN Review PES 6

Ign have Reviewied the famous and best football game on the planet pro evo 6 and its the first pro evo to hit the 360 and the first to hit Next generation so what do people think of it

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trickytreepete4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

what the hell has konami done the great pes series(or iss as i still call it after playing it for so many years since the days of the snes), they have basically taken the ps2 version of this game, and ripped the heart out of it.. no longer can you save your wonder goals, even though you have a 20 gig hard drive to save them to, no longer can you edit the teams, all you can change are the players names (not the team names), there are only 8 stadiums in the game. theres is lag in the game (offline too---- totally unnaceptable on the next gen console), dont get me started on the online..... if, and when you finally get a game, as normally you get the connection not available, or room does not exist, even though it does, you will encounter a laggy experience, that makes pro evo 5 look smooth online. when the keeper takes a goal kick or there is a corner, the screen moves at 5 frames per second, its that laggy!!!! and that is even if you get a good connection with the other person). also if you play an online ranked game you CANNOT replay them after the final whistle has gone, you can only either leave feedback or go back to the menu..... KONAMI, YOU HAVE RUINED WHAT WAS ONCE THE BEST FOOTY GAME AROUND.... and what is it with fifa for the xbox 360... all this bull**t of interactive leagues on every other console than the 360....... THIS IS THE NEXT GEN CONSOLE GODDAMIT, WHY GIVE US A WATERED DOWN VERSION..... ah well, maybe next year.,... im glad i can return these inferior poor efforts to the shop and get a decent version for my ps2 instead

super bill4469d ago

no1 i agree with you.i bought both pes6 and fifa 07.well what can i say never seen anything like it.these next gen games are getting worse every week and they expect you to fork out 50 quid for these games what a selling my 360 with my games and sticking with my pc i had it with this next gen gaming.

DC RID3R4469d ago

last remaining pube hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hhmmm.....i wonder(looking thru my crystal ball) if the REAL next-gen pro evo will mysteriously appear on the ps3??? hmmm

pro evo 6 (360 ver)-the BIGGEST footballing dissapointment of the year!!!

iballa4469d ago

Disappointing, I have played Pro Evo since the ISS days.

No major next gen features or improvements. Nothing to blow me away. Feels like a PS2 Port.

Im going to take it back and get Fifa as I enjoyed the demo on the marketplace.

If I need a pro evo fix then I've still got Pro Evo 5.

zonetrooper54469d ago

I have played Fifa 2007 for the Xbox 360 and its not very good, its just the Xbox or PS2 version with better graphics. As for PES6 on the Xbox 360, there are very slight graphical effects not possible on the last gen like motion blur, depth of motion or whatever its called but its a much better game then Fifa 2007. I did rent PES6 today and i hated the fact i could not save my replays, hopefully they will offer it as downloadable content and it should be free.