Army of Two Preview

What makes this game truly unique is its gameplay, which is 100% co-op based. Playable over Xbox Live with a friend or solo with the AI, you're always going to be tackling missions with either Rios or Salem at your side, and the developers have created an interesting dynamic between the two characters. Rios is the more experienced and older of the two. He's violent as all hell, but he's not nearly as reckless as his partner, who's the younger hot head. And throughout the course of the game the two banter back and forth and their arguing can ultimately affect the gameplay.

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omansteveo5828d ago

I dono i havent heard to much about this game but the idea of a 100% co-op game is awesome they're needs to be more games like this hopefully its as good as the co-op in Half Life on Ps2 that was fun

Cyclonus5828d ago (Edited 5828d ago )

give us a teaser or somethin'.This game could be the new hotness!!
I wanna see This in the game:
You and your A.I. partner are forced into cover by a SNIPER. You have the better shooting angle at the bad guy, and the A.I. KNOWS THIS, so he says: "Don't just stand there, get that motherfV(Xer!!"

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