Teenagers Turning Their Back on Nokia - Prefer Sony Ericsson and Samsung

The importance of mobile phones in teenagers' lives is increasing rapidly according to the latest survey carried out by social networking website, Habbo. 58,480 teens that took part in the survey say also that Nokia is the number one mobile brand globally.

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decapitator3849d ago

Replace the Nokia in the title with iPhone and then this sounds just about right. MY friend just got an iPhone and he is returning it at the end of the week, the whole touch screen thing is too damn frustrating for him.

sonarus3849d ago

i lost interest in nokia about 5yrs ago. Sony ericsson been my favourite cell phone brand since. Looking to buy xperia when it comes out

Massacre3849d ago

Anyone have the P1 ? How is it? Am thinking about picking that up or I should wai for the X1 ?

S1nnerman3849d ago

The P1 is good - but you might as well wait for X1

ar3849d ago

P1 is nice but if you're not in desperate need of the qwerty-keyboard I would suggest taking a look at the G900. It has about the same specs but in a slimmer more convenient shell and with a faster CPU to make the OS quicker and more responsive. Also SE have made some pretty exiting improvements to the standby screen on there UIQ phones.

George Washington3849d ago

nokia phones are really good, they are pretty bulky though.

Balance3849d ago

second vote for LG phones. my last 3 phones have all been LG and they take a butt whipping and keep on working. the 8700 i have now is awsome, small/thin, stylish, tons of features, great call quality and it is mostly made of metal giving the phone a very solid feel, great screen and camera too.

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