God Eater 2 PS Vita vs PSP Screens

New God Eater 2 screens have been released which compare the ps vita and the psp

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Muffins12232773d ago

Textures and resolution looks tons better on ps vita

xtremexx2773d ago

yup, but that is to be expected. i would be surprised if there was no change.

barb_wire2773d ago

The Vita's are much more sharper and clean looking BUT not to knock the PSP, just shows you how good of a handheld it really is.

dredgewalker2773d ago

Yep even Tekken 6 looks a lot better in Vita than the psp. I guess the higher resolution screen helps out a lot.

dredgewalker2773d ago

I didn't get a chance to play this on my psp. Thankfully I got this free for my Vita.

dead_pixels2773d ago

Looks fantastic. Can't wait to pick this up.

NovusTerminus2773d ago

Looking great! Bring it stateside!