New Stuntman 2 screenshots revealed

Paradigm Entertainemnt recently announced it is making a second version of the quiet PS2-hit Stuntman. Soon after that, THQ aquired the license from Stuntman and Stuntman 2 is coming next year to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. New screenshots have been revealed today.

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DEIx15x84468d ago

Does anyone remember the name of the old Xbox game where you played a female stunt driver?

beans4467d ago

I think your talking about wreckless where u play the female cop or something like that.

death monk4467d ago

The name of the game was Chase. I used to own it, it was pretty fun for a while.

DEIx15x84467d ago

yeah, i think thats the game

unleash bass4467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

These games were pretty naff on PS2, way too linear, a slight diversion from the pre-determined course for the stunt and FAILED! start again. It was hugely frustrating.

Hope they fix this, its got good potential.

MaximusPrime4467d ago

good point. but still it is a great game.