New FF Versus XIII trailer translations

The latest Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer that was shown at last year's Jump Festa closed mega theater features sentences throughout the entire video. Forever Fantasy decided to translate them from Italian, as it might give more insight to what's really going on:

· Le relazioni sangue = Bloodline / Direct line of descent
=> Scene: When the prince looks at the soldiers.

· Il torment dell legame = Tormented bond
=> Scene: When the prince is fighting.

· Un patto tradito = An agreement is betrayed
=> Scene: When the prince is fighting.

· Coperto dal cielo notturno = Shelter from the dark night
=> Scene: When the prince's eyes turn red.

· La distruzione dell'ordine = The destruction of order
=> Scene: When the prince's car escapes.

· I guardiani = The guardian
=> Scene: When the prince is fighting.

· I fuggitivi = The fugitive
=> Scene: a cheerful man is seen (blond).

· Le regno in rovina = The ruined kingdom
=> Scene: Something about a collapsed road.

· I invocatore = Someone in distress calling for someone or something
=> Scene: Prince fighting the soldiers.

· Il nuovo mondo = The new world
=> Scene: The prince and the girl in white are seen (I think it says they are fighting, but I'm unsure at this point).

· La separazione = The separation/goodbye
=> Scene: Soldiers are shooting the prince with the cannon.

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Rick Astley3847d ago

Oh god I cannot wait. Versus XIII = Kingdom Hearts without the Disney characters = Win.

The Somnus track is amazing.

- Rick rolling since 1966

jkhan3847d ago

Where is the Trailer?? I still don't understand the policy of showing trailers to private audience. I mean what about general public?

fox023847d ago

it's because they know people are going to buy THE game anyway, so they can do almost all they want

sumfood4u3846d ago

Square/Enix will ahve a lot of Pull when these game come out! Even Crisis Core got me off my Wii Super Smash Brother Brawl!