Euro Rock Band Instrument Pack: no game included

VG247: According to IGN, the European Rock Band Instrument Pack will not include an actual copy of the game.

"Unlike the US, which received a Special Edition that includes the game, a Fender Strat guitar, the drum kit and a mic, all for $169 – Europe will only get an Instrument Edition priced £129.99 / 169 Euros, including the three peripherals but not the game – which, bought separately, will set you back £49.99 / 69.99 Euros." The article says. "So...


Eurogamer has now confirmed that these prices are indeed accurate. Better start saving then!

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crunchie1013849d ago

OK, so let me get this straight - we're paying the equivilant of $359 to get what the US gets for $169.


OK.. might not be picking this up after all.

Ghoul3849d ago

boycott battlefield ???

boycott ROCKBAND i cant believe it are they finally going insane ?
go f**k yourself ea i could get rockband for 150€ imported from the us what is wrong with them ?

PirateThom3849d ago

I'm just importing this from America for PS3.

resistance1003849d ago

EA can go F**K themselves, theres no way in hell that im going to buy this now.

Mike Bowden3849d ago

So how can they charge that for a game?!

Emmo3849d ago

How can they justify such a high price for Europe.

I hope they change there mind and through in a game with the £129 bundle otherwise there is no way this game is going to sell.

Jamegohanssj53849d ago


The Genius has spoken.

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The story is too old to be commented.