GTA IV Euro PS3 bundle is "rumour and speculation", says SCEE

A supposed GTA IV bundle for PS3 in Europe, which popped up at a Swedish retailer yesterday, has been dubbed loose talk by SCEE.

"We can't comment on rumour or speculation," a rep told videogaming247 this morning.

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Rick Astley3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

It'd be a smart move by Sony if you ask me. Just look at what bundling did for Motorstorm. The game has now sold over 3 million copies.

- Rick rolling all day

socomnick3844d ago

LOl the game might have sold around 500 k if it was not bundled . Bundle sales should not be included into total software sales for that game.

rushbd3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Project Gotham Racing 4 was bundled with xbox 360 in a package .
it sold 0.88 million.
Project Gotham Racing 3 (xbox 360 launch title) was included in many different bundles too.
But it sold 1.42 millions.

Yes. I personally believe PGR games are very quality arcade games but consumers obviously dont.Sales says so What makes you think Motorstorm would have only sold 500K without the bundle ?

I dont think Motorstorm is better than PGR games. But saying that the game isnt good enough to sell more than 500k is sheer stupidity on your side.

I guess when GT5p crosses 3 million you'll use the same 'bundle' term to pass it up.

stop being a fanbot.

btw. Motorstorm is currently #24 on European Charts (where it doesnt come bundled). It's supposed to be doing better than than All those other better Racing arcade games. What has happened to the world!?

THC CELL3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Do u no what i wonder i mean sony will bring a bundle pack with no worries

but if this game wins the console choice (ps3) will xbox fans start respecting the ps3 of will you be sore losers

Ps3 win or lose on this game we still have all the best exclusive u can get

i love the feeling metal gear is a exclusive
i love we have la noir even tho its not been shown yet
The getaway, Resistence 2 ( the big one to end a lot of x box games )
and wait Home the x box live killer i mean people say Wait beyond but the point is Nothing is rushed on ps3 like x box

Lol i note all games that are multi console or platform are really bad and short Take rainbow six vegas 2

Call of duty is far better on ps3 and burnout oblivian

Games like Rainbow are bad
i would like to ask ubisoft to make a excluxive rainbow six for ps3 and see the results

sorry for going off topic

blade2063844d ago

this game will not win or lose the race


this is funny, its a bundle ! what's the big deal...

even if they don't do an official one, i am sure most retailers would put one together anyway. its not like some secrete weapon or something or an exclusive game.

its just a bundle pack, why is everyone going nuts over this ?

THC CELL3844d ago

HMMMMMMM Nice box MUST buy

The point is it works out cheaper

crunchie1013844d ago

From what I see, in the UK at least, you don't see retailers bundling consoles with new AAA games unless it's an official bundle.

What you get from retailers are a 'buy X console and get 3 games from a list of rubbish from 2006'

The April/May NPDs will be very interesting.


kind of see what you mean, but i have seen lots of bundles for new AAA games when they come out.

Though thinking about it now, as the good gentleman above pointed out, if you work out the cost they tend to be discounted, but not free like you get with an official bundle.

i suppose i can see why you would be excited if you didn't own the system.

Mandangoof3844d ago

Probably slipped out of that website (it's actually confirmed in many retailer computers - Argo in the UK for example) and the deal is that they can't reveal it until a certain date.

Still, it'll sell more on PS3 than 360 with this bundle, and the extra sales of the PS2 gen getting on board with PS3 and their fav game could put it above Wii in Europe (360 is no question, that's dead compared to PS3).

SWORDF1SH3844d ago

its real because sony didnt deny it. they only use the “We can’t comment on rumour or speculation,” to avoid people knowin. they always keep their cards close to their chest and they dont want to give ms an advantage by lettin them kno their next move.

whoelse3844d ago

The title is misleading. Because sometimes they say "its pure rumor and speculation" but they now have only said they dont comment on rumor and speculation".

Anyway i think and hope its real. This will really knock the 360 over if the PS3 and only PS3 has a GTA bundle.

This article makes me think its even more real:

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