Why Microsoft should and shouldn't make the Xboy

Modojo explores the likelihood of a Microsoft Xboy handheld weighing the pros and cons of competing in a space where Nintendo dominates. The most significant cases against the world's largest software company entering portable games? Potential cannibalization of Zune, lack of experience in selling to the kiddies, and well, Nintendo. From the article: "So, is Microsoft even preparing the handheld device of which all this conjecture is based? Takahashi claims they are, and while many offer the statement: 'It would be stupid for Microsoft to not make a handheld.' I offer the following, it could potentially be stupid for Microsoft to offer a handheld."

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kmis874466d ago

I want to be the first to say that that is an awesome picture.

TheXgamerLive4466d ago

If/when Microsoft releases a handheld system, I'd like it to play original Xbox games, this way it would already start with an absolutly awesome gaming library and it would also breath new life back into the original Xbox again. It's an awesome idea and it would enable us to play for ex. Halo and Halo2 at work or school. I say thumbs up on this.

Take the best ideas from the Nintendo DS and the PSP and well throw them out and do it all better. lol, ok, do it as well if not better.

DEIx15x84466d ago

That is what i always say. The PSP's biggest issue is the lack of games, with this concept the system starts off with tons and adds value to both the xbox and 360 by continuing to release xbox games for years that offer double value, home and on the go. That could potentially hurt 360 game sales (buy madden on xbox for on the go and home or buy madden on 360 for just home but in HD, hard decision) but most likely won't effect it in any major way.
One comment always seems to be posted after i say this though: "A DVD drive would be way to big for a handheld", and that is probably true since we're seeing how successful a light version of an already small handheld is.

tmastaflexxx4466d ago

THey need to put thier gaming assets towards focusing on the 360 and and making sure it is succesful and profitable. After a couple of years after the PS3 comes out, then they will have time to focus on the 'xboy'.

BIadestarX4466d ago

I think the handheld are dead in the park. I have 2 PSP and one DS, I regret buying them! I played the DS only 3-4 days after purchase. I played a bit more with the PSP but mosly Homebrew. I rather to play PS2, PC, Xbox 360, when I am home. And when I am on the train, I usually read or listen to podcast.

DJ4466d ago

before they even consider releasing a handheld. Mad props who whoever made that picture.

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