Smosh Looks To Raise $250,000 On Indiegogo For 'Food Battle' Video Game

Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla of the most subscribed channel on YouTube, "Smosh", are looking to raise $250,000 on Indiegogo to make a video game based on their popular series on YouTube, "Food Battle".

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Smoovekid2766d ago

How much money do they make? yeah.

I would not fund it.

Nitrowolf22766d ago

exactly, and considering they are the most subscribed channel

that was 2012

EcoSos32766d ago

They can pay for their own videogame. Why even bother asking for money?

Root2766d ago

Considering these two loosers get paid a ton of money for their it yourself, cheap gits

nick3092765d ago

Its like celebs that donate to charity... They get funda than donate them, people are dumb supporting someone who make milllions.

GenericNameHere2765d ago

"Its like celebs that donate to charity... They get funda than donate them, people are dumb supporting someone who make milllions."

Uhhh, isn't that good. Celebrities getting money, then donating that money? Also, watching their movies, isn't that the same as supporting them? Because if a movie is really good, I'd support the actors and cast and crew by watching the movie in theaters and buying the Blu-ray.

If someone like Michael Bay goes to these kick starter sites, and asks us to donate $5M to make Transformers 4, would you? Revenge of the Fallen and Dark Side of the Moon were complete crap, but I would like a T4, because if T1 was actually good, then I have hopes T4 can redeem the movies. What I don't want however, is paying that guy. He's made hundreds of millions on Transformers, is there any reason to give him any more money? Now, if it was a very unknown director, but has made decent but fascinating movies in his track record, and he needs the extra money to fund his next movie project, then yeah, I'll support him.

WarThunder2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

"Smosh is a web-based comedy duo consisting"

comedy? u call their show comedy? people are watching and supporting two emo losers who their show is NOT funny at all!

People are so stupid these days :facepalm:

TongkatAli2765d ago

Hit the nail on the head. You made me laugh funny webshow *throws money at the screen*

CrossingEden2765d ago

Translation:"If I don't find it funny, then obviously it is not in anyway shape or form funny because my opinion is fact. also, putting not in all caps makes it a definite fact, and if people find it funny, then they are just not as smart and cool as me and are emo too, emo is now a derogatory term because I said so"
you really need a reality check, your opinion is not fact, and it also doesn't really mean much in the face of millions of fans, i'm not even a fan of smosh but I don't delude myself into believing that my opinion means more than millions of people

DragonPs42765d ago

I like smosh but this is stupid.

roadkillers2765d ago

I enjoyed them a ton when they first came out. I look at their stuff now and it all seems repetitive. That's how I expect the game to turn out.

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The story is too old to be commented.