CVG: Ninja Gaiden II Week - Day 1: NYC level unveiled - first screens

CVG writes: "To kick off CVG's exclusive Ninja Gaiden 2 week we're going to walk you through the latest level to be revealed from the game. As you may have already seen from the shots, it's set in a dark and rainy, fiend-infested New York City, which is split up across two hour-long levels.

So our ninja hero, Ryu Hayabusa, arrives in NYC a few hours into the game and is standin in front of what looks like a post apocalyptic Times Square. It's pissing it down, there's a huge battered city in front of us, and loud cracks of thunder lash out above our heads. We've a feeling that as soon as we move something big is going to jump out and try to steal our dinner money."

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