WTF Happened To... Indiana Jones, Res Evil 5, The Getaway, Wii Music and More...

This gameplayer article explores some of the big games announced for this generation which have seemingly disappeared off the radar. 15 of this gen's most unfortunate game disappearing acts.

"We've taken a look through our own archive, and unearthed some games that, at some point, were big stories in our Top Picks box, or even cover features on our sister print publications. These were big deals that made big splashes on their day, but whose ripples have long since disappeared over the horizon on the seas of public conscious. So now we ask the question, WTF happen to…"

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BeaArthur3870d ago

WTF happened to the person that wrote this article? Resident Evil 5 had updates as recently as last week.

SlappingOysters3870d ago

I missed it!! Anything good. When is it getting released?

BeaArthur3870d ago

haha, that would put you and I in the same boat, but I already know that Resident Evil 5 is still "on the radar". Just because they don't have daily updates about it does not mean it has fallen off the planet.

Hatchetforce3870d ago

Also the Getaway 3 was just previewed here:

Those games haven't dropped out of site but the intelligence of this article is certainly MIA.

SPARTAAN3870d ago

that was a april fools joke
This article has been confirm fake (April Fools ).Apologies from play3-live Team

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Utalkin2me3870d ago

I am assuming it is taking longer than they like to get it to run on the ps3. Like GTA...........

Wildarmsjecht3870d ago

Heres another moronic statement just for giggles

It could be that they're having trouble fitting it on a DVD9 or maybe taking into account those with very limited or no harddrive. Who knows, but speculation like that is just moronic.

SL1M DADDY3870d ago

You have to look at it from the eyes of those like Utalkin2me, he has what I would like to call Microsoft's Butt cheek blinders on and sees nothing but love for the only console he can afford. He is not a gamer like those of us that like to see the positive view of every gaming platform and thoughts from him or the likes of him should be regarded as senseless blather.

Mc Fadge3870d ago

An equally valid claim is that they're busy deciding what content they have to cut off the 360 versions so it'll fit on a DVD disc.

Voiceofreason3869d ago

You really got the fanboys mad with that one. They cant stand to hear that Blu ray is holding the PS3 back. They dont want to see it though it is right in front of their faces. No game for PS3 is more than what can fit on a DVD. How is it MS manages to fit all those multi platform games onto 1 DVD while PS3 needs 5 gig installs just to have load times on par with 360? Blu ray might hold more info but it is also a lot slower than DVD when it comes to data transfer.So slow that they need installs and padded discs just to keep up with what can be done with DVD today.Sorry you guys dont want to face it but your movie format is crippling the PS3.Think of where Sony would be today had they not forced Blu Ray on PS3 owners. No dev troubles at all. Games releasing on time. No need for installs or other options that make your console look inferior.No high price tag to run off consumers who arent fanboys.I love my PS3 for what it is. A next gen movie player. When I want games, I'll get them on my gaming consoles not my movie player.

Wildarmsjecht3869d ago

You're talking about one multiplatform developer in particular who decided to use the install method to cut back on load times. Others have done just fine without it, so that point of yours is just moot.

Then you say how does MS manage to fit it all on 1 dvd then, but if that were true, explain how in a recent baseball game release, the developers had to save certain parts of the game into a dlc because the dvd wouldn't fit it. If you claim that those multiplatform titles that capcom decides to have an install made the loading on par with the 360 then you are quite clearly the blind one here. Get the real facts sir, then make a statement.

As for your gist about loving ur ps3 for movies and not games, then thats on you, but implying that it has no games for "gamers" is a year old meme that needs to end. Nuff' said.

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Fishy Fingers3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Good game's take time.

Unless they have "Insomniac" on the box of course.

gunmetal3870d ago

Has Home really dropped off this guy's radar? He might want to check whether or not that thing's plugged in.

Mc Fadge3870d ago

Lmao, I agree. These beta videos every left right and centre

SlappingOysters3870d ago

most of those games do seem to have just kind of fallen by the wayside. What did happen to Indiana Jones?

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