Toshiba started to ship Sony PS3 CELL based SpursEngine SE1000

I4U News reports that Toshiba Corporation today announced the start of sample shipping of the SpursEngine SE1000 (SpursEngine), a high-performance stream processor integrating four Synergistic Processing Element (SPE) cores derived from the "Cell Broadband Engine" (Cell/B.E.) - the Sony PS3 CPU.

Toshiba announced the SpursEngine last September.

SpursEngine is a co-processor that integrates a hardware codec for Full HD encoding and decoding of MPEG-2 and H.264 streams with four SPEs derived from Cell/B.E. These advanced processing elements offer high performance media streaming capabilities, with a clock frequency of 1.5GHz, while achieving low power consumption range of 10W to 20W.
The maximum performance of the SE1000 is 48GFlop.

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King20083848d ago

Break this down to dummy terms....what can this do for us gamers or what can this be used for period???

Ludwig3848d ago

Nothing, it's for video editing purposes... studios and stuff.

Marty83703847d ago

With the right middleware, there nothing to stop this been used for games development.

Ju3847d ago

Yeah, but not with the board they are selling (PCIe x1). Could be used to accelerate some things (like a SW-PhysiX).

But I think the main purpose is to put these chips into TVs, DVD/BD player and such.

Cyrus3653847d ago

Technology like this is for upscaling graphics, or TV in real time, etc.