CoD4 Variety Pack in certification for PS3

VG247: The PS3 version of the now-released Variety map pack for Call of Duty 4 has now been sent to Sony for approval, Infinity Ward has confirmed.

"The Variety Map Pack DLC and patch required to add the maps to the game have went to certification at Sony last night," said Robert Bowling...

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LSDARBY3849d ago

Just a couple of months to wait then lol

MikeGdaGod3849d ago

i'm not buying it unless they put out a DS3 patch.

if not, they can kiss my @ss. too many other good games out and coming.

ATLRoAcH3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

CoD:4 needs a DS3 patch bad. The rumble in Warhawk is the best I think. These maps probably won't be out until early May. I'll have the MGO Beta, GT5 prologue, and GTA IV by then. Oh, and the Warhawk booster too. I don't know if these maps will be bought. I still love CoD:4 but this is horrible timing.

Fishy Fingers3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Well, there no need t rush I guess as the store will remain unchanged until next week. Still this is just something else to look forward to.

I believe they cost me 800 points on the 360, so the PSN should be what, about £4.99. Creek alone is worth that :)

Had great fun on KillHouse to, me and a few friends, pistol's only, great fun, that map is teeny tiny.

In fact, all the maps are pretty good, and China town might bring back a few memories for the guys who played the previous CoD's.

Jon Cage3849d ago

Now if only they still had capture the flag.

bumnut3849d ago

i love sneaking up on the snipers lying in the grass on creek and knifing them.

too many snipers ruin the level though because no one moves around.

Jon Cage3849d ago

If you get behind their positions with a silenced sub machine gun... hilarity to follow.

pharmd3849d ago

"popping smoke" usually gives ya plenty of cover when those ladies are camping like that

hades073849d ago

Creek can be a fun map but also very frustrating, if your in the mood for run-n-gun gameplay then it aint happening on that map. It is classic though for its power struggle with the creek always being at the center of the battle, just watch out for campers in the caves and on the hills, and people with short range weapons on the cliffs. The map you'll be most surprised about is Broadcast, that map is alot of fun with random battles always taking place somewhere different.

rawg3848d ago

I'm guessing it's kind of like Overgrowth with long sight lines and a mix of obvious and not-so-obvious sniping nests.

goldenzealot3849d ago

i wonder why it takes so long for t to be on the ps3? probably because they know its a waste of time anyway

Wildarmsjecht3849d ago

Hey, Let me try an ignorant statement *Clears Throat*::

I wonder why people still buy 360s? It'll just break in a week.

See? I just lost 3 iq points. I must be doing it right.

ravinshield3848d ago

but IW must do it so the ps3 girls wont cry.they had to cry all of 2007 so atleast the maps are coming just WAIT back to some good old cod 4

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