Wii Fit sells out at within a day is reporting that has sold out of its entire allocation of Wii Fit in just one day, ahead of the games official release on April 25 in the UK.

Pre-order demand has "overwhelmed" the online retailer, following success in Japan that saw the game sell one million copies in just over a month on sale.

"People continually look for new and fun ways to stay in shape and it's fantastic to see exergames in big demand," commented Gian Luzo, head of games at

"Wii Fit is going to be huge – let's hope that we can keep up with demand. We are expecting more stock before launch," he added.

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wiizy3935d ago

i always said this game is going to be a huge seller

Ares843935d ago

When a "game" like this sells like crazy as opposed to other great games.
Let's hope that this game won't be GOTY....because if it will be than I don't know how much furter I will call myself a gamer.

Gam713935d ago

So gaming has to fit into what you deem as acceptable.
Let me guess, sony only.
Bet you would be screaming it's praises if it was for your machine.

Thank god you don't make games or gaming would be severely limited in diversity and originality.

Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it shouldn't be made or that there's a problem so great with gaming that you can no longer call yourself a gamer.

In fact I'm embarrassed you do call yourself a gamer with your obvious limited views on gaming.

Thankfully your a minority and true "gamers" are willing to expand their horizons enough to try something new.

You don't like a game, fine your choice, but your obvious over reaction calls into question your views on gaming and not the games themselves.

creeping judas3934d ago

nice post. bubbles for you.

murkster-dubez3935d ago

I would like to see who ordered such as if it was women,men teenagers etc would like to see who this appeals too.

rawd3935d ago

Fatties around the world rejoice

ThatArtGuy3935d ago

YAY!!! Now I can simulate a fake version of soccer instead of playing the real thing! Instead of going out for a walk outside for free I can pay out the nose to follow a faceless 3D model in useless yoga!

rawd3935d ago

LOL i say the same damn thing. Go outside and learn the REAL sport.

Just like Guitar Hero. Here's a brilliant idea, why not learn to actually play the guitar

Gam713935d ago

And Call of duty - Join a real army and go over to the middle east and shoot people.

GT5 P - buy 100's of real cars and go race them around the world

Star Wars Force Unleached- learn the secret of the sith and go eliminate the jedi in the galaxy.


3935d ago
green3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

last time i checked,Wii fit did not kill any of the exclusives games or multiplat games coming out on your console.So why all the hate?

you guys should be happy that games sell period.Now games are becoming more inovative and in the process branching out to people that would never have bought one prior to this day and age.

I don't like wii fit so i ain't buying it.but for those that enjoy it then kudos to them.

edit: and to those that wonder why a game like wii should sell and some better games on 360/PS3 don't sell,well it's because alot of you guys are fan boys and not gamers,so will never purchase a game regardless of how good it is because it is not on their console of choice.

Gam713935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )


Nah. I'm not getting this but it seems games get your back up.

Go learn to play a real guitar? Do you even get what gaming is about.
Do you play games?

Why does something different and innovated scare you so much?

It seems to me that the one upset is you and fat or why are you pinching your "man-boobs"
Clearly you need this as you have them (and to learn how to be discrete if you keep touching them)

desolationstorm3935d ago

At Gam71 you had some good points, because poeple always attack the wii for having people not go out and do the real things but that logic can be used on any type of game. The thing that poeple dont understand is not very many poeple like to exercise. While wii fit isnt really exercise its a better alternative to sitting watching a movie, tv or playing other video games. If this helps some people get active good for them.

Im not gonna go out of my way to pick this thing up I may scoop it up if reviews are good it looks interesting but yeah $90 cant really warrent when I have other things to buy.

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