Surfer Girl: Kirby Wii coming to America this year, trashes NeoGAF.

Go ahead, complain that there is yet another surfer girl post. But who predicted a new Sonic game coming to 360, PS3, Wii, and PS2 one month ago?

In the comments for surfer girl's latest blog post, a question was asked if Kirby Wii will come to America. She replied, "Yes, this year apparently."

From her recent "educated guesses", it brings some serious hope that Kirby will have his next console adventure on Wii, in the US, and possibly this year.

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gEnKiE3898d ago

Hey guess what? Theirs a new Mario game coming to the Wii and DS!..... How obvious do you have to be? Anyone could of predicted a new Sonic came.....

Charlie26883898d ago

a new Mario game? NO WAY!!!!!! O.O you have your own blog site I can go worship you? and I can turn a blind eye each time HORRENDOUSLY fail in your predictions, yes? yes!?

maybe you can even convince people to create accounts to self promote their own sites here on N4G with info from your blog that most of the times are posted even if they go against the rules..yes? yes?!

come one give me some old info or educated guess so I can go to sleep in peace knowing my (blind) faith in you is assured :)

/sarcasm level reaching critical mass

Wildarmsjecht3898d ago

You give me lulz. Bubs to you.

Durffen3898d ago

But the admin of N4G approved this story.

Gazman3898d ago

WOW how does surfertool do it?, next thing you know surfertool will be telling us that there is going to be a GTA 5

SL1M DADDY3898d ago

I found this tid-bit to be interesting and have to ask, has NeoGAF gone down hill that badly?

Also, a reader asked a question on her thoughts on NeoGAF. Here is what she replied.

“Can’t even be read for comedic value these days, the proliferation of moronity has deteriorated the place into a gutter that should be avoided at all costs. I just hopped on there for the first time in weeks to find an example and clicked on a random thread (One million signatures to end Uwe Boll’s directing career) and was fairly sickened by the abundance of morons who hate freedom (I’m being serious, don’t like his movies, don’t watch them). If you are looking for discussion of the industry that is, for the most part, embarrassingly vapid, NeoGAF is the place to be. Otherwise, there are other avenues. “

Pretty harsh words from surfer girl if you ask me.

bootsielon3898d ago

That is either mature rated or simply a hardcore game. Is anyone else not surprised?

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