Rock Band dated for Europe, 360 timed exclusive

As rumoured last week, Rock Band will release on May 23 in Europe. The site's also confirmed the Neogaf posting that the game will be a time exclusive for Xbox 360, with Wii and PS3 versions hitting later in the year.

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resistance1003844d ago

While it is a minor setback, at least we have HAZE, Ferrari Challenge coming out on the 23rd of May, and then MGS4 launching in June, so its not like i would have any time to play the game anyway. I suspect this will be an xmas present for me, judging on the price tag i think its going to get

Sayai jin3844d ago

What's a minor setback and to whom?

Back on topic. I do not know why people bother with the name "Timed exclusive". Because people who want a really good game they will not mind waiting.

mindedone3843d ago

I think it's the opposite. People who want good games DO mind waiting...but they still may wait.

Tommie3844d ago

Will be 160 MS Points in Europe as well, which is about €1,90.

Mandangoof3844d ago

I like how it costs more than the console.

And also how they payed through the nose for a 3 month exclusive in Europe of all places, where 360 is as popular as vomit.
On the other hand Sony got a GTA4 bundle which will sell hundreds of thousands. Riding that high they go into Haze, then MGS4, then Rock Band.

Let's face it, 360 "needs" this exclusive. It won't do ANYTHING to pull it from VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERY distant last, but it'll finally give 360 only owners in Europe (both of them) something to play.

timmyrulz3844d ago

Is exactly like your screen name desperado, bum i mean fan boys to the open zone please, oh ad by the way, although the ps3 is edging out sales in Europe i think that you might find that there are still currently more owners of the 360 than the ps3

butterfinger3844d ago

"PS3 edging out sales in Europe" - LMAO

The 360 has sold more overall, but the only territory it has outsold the PS3 is North America, and they haven't even been able to do that the past couple monthsxD

Palodios3843d ago

I was under the impression that the 360 has consistently sold better in the UK. I'm not arguing or anything, I just could have sworn that's how sales have been.

bumnut3844d ago

but even the lower of the 2 figures is the same as a 360 pro without any games.

you could get 4 brand new games for this price

Neurotoxin3844d ago

That is Fu*king Ridiculous if its a timed exclusive on 360 in Europe!!! ITS ALREADY OUT IN AMERICA!


Ghoul3844d ago

this + the price ea announced makes it a sure nobuy ever for me

paying 240€ for a 1 year delayed game (with absolutly no reason) no thanks...

btw region exclusive ?
thats the worst i heard from ea so far

everyone in europe who wants the game should import it its cheaper

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