EB Games, Other Retailers Offering PS3 Controller + Game Deal

Tipster Shayne says the EB Games has a deal going where you can by a SixAxis PS3 controller, and for an extra $20, pick up a copy of F1: Championship Edition, Genji, Heavenly Sword, Lair, Motorstorm or Resistance: Fall of Man.

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yanikins1113936d ago

I dont think they want you to know that they are clearing 6axis stock before it becomes impossible to sell them. On the other hand i wouldnt mind picking up Rfom and MS again. Traded them in. Stupid. I miss my porcupine grenades or what ever they are called. Wikid sick weapon. Wikid sick.

BeaArthur3936d ago

yanikins111...obviously, but for those who don't care about rumble this is a great deal.

Delive3936d ago

Since Sony is discontinuing the Sixaxis, will they still be supported? Say I get a Sixaxis and the battery dies. Will I be out of luck since it's discontinued?

George Washington3936d ago

if the battery dies you just charge it back up.

lol. i guess im the only one here that just hated resistance. playing as the kimera just pissed me off. i would get killed out of nowhere cause everyone could see through walls. i only liked playing as humans but it rarely occurs in ranked modes.

barom3936d ago

Sixaxis uses the same type of battery as dual shock 3 i hear.

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George Washington3936d ago

this is pretty lame deal if you ask me..

launch game + old outdated controler = 70 $??

if it was the DS3 then id be totaly worth it. or at leased a decent game like uhhh cod4 or uncharted

Voozi3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

game from selected list ($60) + sixaxis($50) = $110 if bought sepertly

going w/ the's $70 so you save $40 right there.

It's a good deal for anyone who's interested in picking up any of those games and wants another controller for when there friends come by and doesn't care if it has rumble or not (I have 2 controllers atm, DS3 and Sixaxis, so if a friend comes over, he gets non rumble ;D lol...since we all know the unwritten rule of gaming when friends come over, they get the "gimped" controllers ;D)

George Washington3936d ago

thats if you look at the price of each. but im shure 6axis price is gonna go way down since its a clearance item now. probably down to 25$ and there wont be a need to buy a craapy game with it lol.

mirroredderorrim3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

At the local Bestbuy, they're having the same type of deal, only thing is.. you get a choice of ANY GAME for that particular system. They're doing the same thing for Xbox360, except this is a package deal when you buy a 40 gig.

Gotta buy the Elite to get the same deal for Xbox360 too.