Battle of the Next-Gen Racer


#1: Need for Speed- Rivals

Anyone who has thrust themselves groin-first into the recent exploits of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has surely noticed one thing: there’s a whole lot of war going on.

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snipab8t1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

The last NFS game that I actually enjoyed was NFS Carbon, hopefully this will be good.

Manic20141905d ago

Forza 5 looks amazing and the crew should be an awesome game.

Foxgod1905d ago

Forza 5 will give me a full racing fix for the time to come.

JBSleek1905d ago

Picking up Forza 5 and NFS. They both looked really good at E3 and I loved NFS with their dynamic multiplayer hop in.

sephiroth4201905d ago

dunno about nfs yet but i think the crew will be the most interesting, ima preorder that xD

GodGinrai1905d ago

The crew also runs at 60FPS apparently. Its on my radar. Getting forza5 with my x1. im probably going to get NFS around Xmas. I hope the crew turns out to be a good game though. they have some good ideas in there.

sephiroth4201905d ago

i hope that is the set standard for all games now, well at least for next gen consoles, yeah forza looks pretty good too, the crew looks pretty promising, i was reading yesterday that one of the story writers from gta is working on it aswell.

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The story is too old to be commented.