Blood, Guts, but no tan lines

LazyGamer writes:

"To be frank, and let's be honest here, there are simply not enough games featuring bikini clad women chopping apart zombies with samurai swords. Even if you take the more tame, less offensive approaches, featuring something like elves or barbarians or bullet witches, it doesn't all seem to come together. For what seems to be a pretty straight-forward genre - hack 'n slash RPG - so many developers don't get it right. If people who enjoyed such games really cared about the story and statistics that means anything other than a bigger weapon, we wouldn't have the 'hack' and 'slash ' stamped on the front.

Now girls in bikinis slashing zombies with a sword sounds like the right direction. So, how about a cow girl with a scarf cutting up the undead? Sheer art."

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just show us the b00bies