BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Why It Must Be More Bioshock, less Infinite

VideoGamer: "Irrational's new Burial at Sea DLC is a welcome move - as long as its shooting doesn't get in the way of the story."

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Root2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

"but then, which Rapture is this? It doesn't seem to be the one we fought through in 2007 and 2010. It could be, but given Elizabeth and Booker's presence it seems like a subtly different place. To some, the idea of there being an infinite variation on Bioshock's world cheapens and dilutes what has been created. There may have an element of truth to that, but it also enables Irrational to play around with Rapture, to see it from a different perspective."

I hope they clear this up in the DLC so we arn't left wondering.

I mean I always assumed that when Elizabeth talked about constants ans variables

"But sometimes, something's different...yet the same"

That it would mean that Rapture's universe where there was a city built in the ocean rather then in the sky the characters in that game would be the counter parts of the ones in Infinite....meaning both counterparts WOULD NOT exist in the same universe.

Jack - Booker
Elizabeth - Tenenbaum
Andrew Ryan - Comstock
Atlas - Daisy Fitzroy

I'm guessing it is the same Rapture since you can see an Andrew Ryan banner in the trailer....if thats then who are Jack/Atlas/Andrews version in Columbia or are they just side chaarcters that existed because of the changed story. Anyway if thats the case I hope we see Jack entering Rapture in the end where Booker and Elizabeth hide from him showing us they were present in the first two games.

Thing is if in Comstocks timeline which Booker travels to is the same year as Rapture was set in giving off the impression that Rapture is basically Columbia but with the constants and variables changing....then how is Booker the same age in Raptures timeline. Surley by now he would be the same age as Comstock was.'s so confusing

s45gr322765d ago

Congratulations you confused the crap out of me

Bimkoblerutso2765d ago

Maybe this is going to be Jack's origin story. Like, before the events of the original Bioshock. Maybe Tenenbaum isn't Elizabeth's counterpart.

I don't know, man, hah.

showtimefolks2766d ago

I liked infinite but I couldn't finish it, ending was frustrating

I wasted countless hours just trying to beat the final boss but couldn't, defending that thing was a hassle. Enemies weren't even targeting you

But other than that I had a blast with combat but other than it was a good game not a great are IMO. The first bioshock is still the best bioshock game

There was a lot of promise win infinite but not everything was deliverd as advertised. Like how Elizabeth can open new world yet we never got to experiment any of them, imagine if she should open new areas for you to explore

2766d ago
ufo8mycat2765d ago

Bioshock Infinite had the better gameplay and combat

Bioshock had the better world overall

And now we have DLC that is going to combine both

Cannot wait!!