Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack - Review by Giant Bomb

Former GameSpot editor Jeff Gertsmann reviews the recently released Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack.

Gertsmann writes:

"The multiplayer is so enjoyable that I didn't hesitate when it came time to drop 800 points ($10) on four new maps, known collectively as the Variety Map Pack. The good news is that these new maps are easily as good as, if not better than many of the maps that come with the game, making it a terrific addition for players who have stuck with the game, as well as an awesome reason for any fans who have since drifted off to other shooters to come running back.

Tossing in four more high-quality maps only makes the whole thing that much better. Whether you're still playing COD4 or are looking for a reason to come back to it, these maps are most definitely worth your time and money."

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CrossyX3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

I could not disagree more. The new maps are a huge disappointment and although they look pretty they play horrible. The game for me should be based around team work and strategy the new maps do not allow for this as spawn points are so sporadic that you can not use any form of strategy whatsoever as players spawn all over the map, this includes directly behind you. Creek is just made for snipers, not that i have any issues with sniping but it would be nice to actually explore the map rather than having to sit in one place as if you use any other weapon it is made redundant. The initial maps have had far more thought put in to them and for that reason are much more enjoyable.

Dpa3846d ago

I agree.
Chinatown is too complex and has too many spawn points. It just ends up with everyone shooting each other in the back with a few people camping windows or doorways.

Also agree about creek, whilst it is better than chinatown, its mainly for snipers, i also find it very frustrating how much cover there is in the map. A sniper can go prone in the tall grass or behind an overturned rowing boat (?) and be 100% invisible.

Broadcast is good, but again there is too much stuff to collide with, you cannot sprint or strafe without being blocked by a chair, or a computer or a tv. At least the spawn points are less sporadic though.

BeaArthur3846d ago

I disagree, I like the new maps. I just want them to hurry up and implement all game modes because I hate search and destroy and there is too much camping in team deatmatch.

okcomputer3846d ago

I agree somewhat. The spawning in chinatown is a problem, but once you spawn right and get a chance to move around the map is pretty good, so it would probably be ideal to use it with a fewer amount of players.

I disagree totally with creek though. I love that map and I never use the sniper rifles. Its the perfect map to hunt down and kill snipers, which is one of my favorite things to do in cod. I just use an m16 with the acog scope and the dead silence perk and run around the map picking off the snipers. Real fun stuff. Broadcast is good too, a nice mix of close quarters combat with the main room mixed in with the open areas outside and in that big lobby. Overall I'd give the map pack a 3.5 or even 4 out of 5. It's not perfect, but was worth the ten bucks.

George Washington3846d ago

i was gonna get this map pack but decided to just wait for the halo 3 map pack. theres soo much stuff this month its not even cool... battlefiled beta.halo 3 maps.mgo beta. GT store. and finnaly GTA

PimpHandHappy3846d ago

do you know they are going to charge you for weapons in BBC! You should boycott that game. Unless you like paying for guns in a online shooter

George Washington3846d ago

yea i was selecting weapons and i saw under some of them.. "you must purchase this weapon from xbox live"... just gay. although the weapons they are selling arent that good. they really arent. the stats are better for the guns that are already in game. but i do see how people would get pissed off. cause the guns are already IN the game. you just have to pay to use it..

also they tried copying cod4 but really failed. theres only 2 things you need. the health pack and some assult rifle. other than that everything else sucks. and i hate nube tubers in this game. they just camp the gold.

pegger243846d ago

I like the maps myself, the Double XP's were nice too, considering I started the weekend on a brand new prestige round

I also wish they would just implement them with the other maps, meaning that the pack owners could also get one of the older maps mixed in without having to back out and pick the original room(hope that made sense)

BeaArthur3846d ago

Implement the new maps and all the game modes.