Jolt: Everybody's Golf: World Tour Review

Jolt writes: "You know, one of my earliest computer game addictions was to a golf game on the Commodore 64. It had pseudo 3D graphics and took ages to generate a third-person view, but all that mattered was the enjoyable course design and rewarding three-click gameplay. Well, as they say: the more things change, the more they stay the same; and while the latest in the Everybody's Golf (AKA Hotshots Golf) series is a million miles from that game in terms of appearance, it strikes us that the fundamental gameplay is exactly the same.

The series, popular in Japan, has been around in the background for a long time now. While big name brands like Tiger Woods have been innovating new control schemes and attempting to recreate as many of the world's greatest courses in as realistic detail as possible, Everybody's Golf has been keeping it real in other ways. The courses are made-up, but no less enjoyable or eye-catching for it, while the overall air of silliness belies a comprehensive golfing engine and lends the game a highly user-friendly feel."

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