PSX Extreme: Red Faction: Guerilla Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "When the original Red Faction dropped in May of 2001 for the PS2, it contributed to one hell of a year for Sony's newest console. The atmospheric FPS was one of our favorite PS2 titles – and still is – although we weren't impressed with the sequel, which showed up over a year later. But getting back to the original, that game included two vaunted features that helped to make Red Faction one of the most entertaining titles of the time- Geo-Mod technology and vehicles. Technically, RF wasn't the first FPS to have vehicles (that would be System Shock, we believe), but we were still treated to jeeps, submarines and even airships. The Geo-Mod allowed players to blast away pieces of the environment, creating new paths and completely altering the background. It wasn't quite as dramatic as THQ and Volition advertised, but it was still pretty amazing back in 2001. Now, a brand new RF is on the way for this new generation, and this time around, it's adopting a whole new third-person action format."

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LinuxGuru3848d ago

This game is going to be so f|cking badass.

It will show Battlefield: Bad Game Design how destruction is REALLY done.

Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it!