Predicting Those Launch Review Scores

Next month Sony's PlayStation 3 will launch with only two games which will get an average review score of 90% or better. On the other hand, Nintendo's Wii will have three games which will average scores of 90% or better. And it is almost certain that each of those consoles will launch with two absolute stinkers, games which consistently score below 60%...

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kmis874472d ago (Edited 4472d ago )

I really can't see another game besides Zelda, and maybe Madden, getting above 90% for the Wii. Of course, part of the reason for this is that I've never seen anything wiimotely (hahahaha, I'm hilarious) like the Wii in my life, so I guess a few games could surprise me.

As far as the ps3 goes, Resistance looks like it'll probably be up above 90%, and if Rainbow Six, Call of Duty 3, Elder Scrolls, Madden, Fight Night, or FEAR are as good as or slightly improved above the 360 versions are/were then they all have some shot to hit 90%.

Deceased4472d ago (Edited 4472d ago )

I retract my comment!

kmis874472d ago

Notice that I said IF they're the same or possibly better they COULD get 90%. FEAR got a 91 in that review that was posted here recently, so I'm saying IF the ps3 verision is as good as the 360 version reviewed, it could POSSIBLY get a 90%. I realize they had extra time on FNR3 and Oblivion, but I don't know if reviewers take into account stuff like that in their reviews. I just figured if they were as good as or slightly better than the 360 versions that both scored high previously, then they should score high too. I also doubt that COD3 and Rainbow 6 would be as good on ps3, that's why I prefaced my statements with IFs and POSSIBLYs. IF the versions on both consoles turn out to look and play about the same, then the ps3 version and the 360 version would probably both score around 90%. I agree with this article that the ps3 will probably have only 3 games scoring at 90% or higher at launch, I just was trying to guess what those games could be.

If you could please explain how this makes me an idiot, I would appreciate it.

kmis874472d ago

Sorry I went off there. I think you just misunderstood what I said. I don't think I made it clear enough in my first post that I meant only a select few of those games will probably get 90% and over.

Marriot VP4472d ago

kmis, well I know gamestop said that LOTR for the 360 was a hard sell because it's months after the PC version. And they took that into account, what's most important is how 8 month old games stacks up to games now.

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Deceased4472d ago

FEAR is an awesome game, played it on pc as well as oblivion and they both are AAA. I have oblivion on the 360 as well, it plays well for a console, considering my pc rig put me out of $2500.

specialguest4472d ago (Edited 4472d ago )

i just have a feeling that Resistance:FOM will end up getting an 8.8(88%) rating which is more than good. again, this is purely base on a "feeling", so don't bash and hate on me.

DEIx15x84472d ago

Why try and predict how god some games may be. If you are going by history then you know that most games aren't how they appear to be. Halo 2 looked like a great game but ended up having a dud ending and Need For Speed Carbon looked great but is actually horrible. Why try and predict this is life that article from a few days ago trying to graph the console sales for the next few years. It was no where near accurate and i doubt this will be either.

calderra4471d ago

Halo 2? You're barking up the wrong tree there- remember, Halo 2 is still THE most popular game on Xbox Live. Hard to hate on a game that's STILL doing that well.

Now Halo- that's where you really need to look. At launch, most mags gave Halo mediocre-to-good reviews, often citing the "floaty" controls, repetitive levels, and generic story.

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