Why Double Helix Was Picked For Strider And About The PS4/Xbox One Versions

Siliconera: ''Capcom could have picked a number of developers to handle the new Strider game, but selected Double Helix Games. The Irvine, California based studio is currently working on Killer Instinct and also made Silent Hill: Homecoming, Front Mission Evolved, and some movie tie-ins like Battleship. We asked Andrew Szymanski, Senior Producer, about working with Double Helix and what’s different in Strider for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.''

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Root2778d ago

Because like SlantSix they were cheap since they are an awful developer.

STK0262778d ago

I'd say they are a bit better than Slantsix. But, let's not forget, just because you make some mediocre games at first doesn't mean you can't achieve greatness later on. I sometimes feel like many of these smaller independent studios lack the experience and the funds to make a great game. However, hopefully, Capcom will give them a decent budget AND actually help them develop the game by having one of their more experienced teams of developers help them along the way. Otherwise, this will simply end up being a subpar game.

wishingW3L2778d ago

when it comes to mediocrity I think both are about the same. Just a bunch of mediocre to below average games.

Root2778d ago

At first ?

DoubleHelix have done

Silent Hill Homecoming
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Front Mission Evolved
MX vs. ATV Reflex
Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters

All of them have been terrible, they've had enough chances to prove they are good but they havent shown that yet and thats because they are a crappy developer.

STK0262778d ago

To be fair, 3 of them are movie tie-ins, which usually means short time frame to develop the game, with a low budget as well. And, Front Mission was playable, not enjoyable, but playable, that has to count for something right? Right?

I never said they were an awesome studio that's going to take the world by storm and revolutionize the gaming industry, I just said that with the right people backing them up properly, maybe they can do something good. Silent Hill Homecoming was decent, showing that when given the proper support by the publisher, they have the ability to not completely screw up.

And Killer Instinct looks okay so far, so maybe they hired some new people. Who knows.

Black-Helghast2778d ago

@STK: What about Silent Hill huh? What's the excuse on that one? Homecoming is the worst Silent Hill game I've played. I even enjoyed The Room more.

Baka-akaB2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

it doesnt explain atv , silent hill and a few others

"not enjoyable, but playable, that has to count for something right? "

No it doesnt , that's a ridiculous argument , and scrapping the barrel very hard . Games that are unplayable are truly rare , so we shouldnt be "thanking them for it".

And n i'm sorry but they ruined Silent hill and Front mission , two other stellar franchises , till them

N4GDgAPc2778d ago

Well I thought homecoming was great, but i thought every silent hill was good.

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s8anicslayer2778d ago

Capcom has ruined their reputation buy entrusting developers like Double Helix with AAA franchises to put out lackluster remakes of once coveted titles!

Baka-akaB2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

How have them seem any better than slant six ? They have far more horrible games over their belt .

I agree that they have gotten better , but so far it lies on Team Osaka being the true overseer of the game .

Meanwhile they had no excuse for their crappy output . It wasnt just fast rushed movie tie in games like gi joe . They ruined 2 established franchise already and did a few crap new titles

jc485732778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

hired for cheap.

Edit: Double Helix came to Capcom to revive Strider?! then they were selected? what???

hazardman2778d ago

Could also be that there are a few ex capcom guys there and it makes sense. People been ragging on them for awhile now. All i know is K.I. is looking great. So maybe we can wait and see what happens with this title.

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DivineAssault 2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I really hope this game comes out good.. I love the strider series & it needs a good developer to bring it back to the top.. Double Helix better do it right or Capcom is just burying themselves even further

XtraTrstrL2778d ago

Once I heard Double Helix was on it, I lost all interest. This is all Capcom does, from their games to the movies they OK based on their games. They allow the worst of the worst to run with their most cherished IPs and just shit all over them.

They pass up on great opportunities like Dragon's Crown, because they have basically lost their foresight. They constantly wreck or completely neglect great IPs, Megaman gets no love and Resident Evil is all but ruined. They rarely delve into new IPs anymore, other than the recent Dragon's Dogma, which I'll give them some credit for.

The main thing I can't stand though is their greedy nickel 'n dime you way of thinking with revisions and $$$ DLC. When you add the negatives all up, they are quickly becoming one of the more unlikeable publishers around.

Baka-akaB2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

You vastly exagerate the picture . Let's refresh everyone's memory with Castlevania Lord of Shadows developped by Mercury team , a studio that had only crap like Clave Barker's jericho under their belt , turned to greatness under the supervision of Kojima .

The same could be happening here ,even if i truly dont have any good feelings toward double helix .

And Capcom took multiple chances that are usually overlooked . It wasnt just Dragon's Dogma . it was always remember Me wich was also abandonned by Sony and others .

They tried Dark void ? Asura's Wrath ? Spyborg ? last Ranker ? Zack And Wiki ? Harvey Birdman ? Tatsunoko ?

They tried more than the other publishers of the same size , with the exception of Ubisoft and Namco .

yeah they do mess up , are dlc greedy and passed Dragon's Crown , but would anyone else besides Atlus , the deceased Ignotion and Nippon Ichi were going to pick it up anyway ?

i'm not suddenly going to pretend they did nothin good this gen because i'm angry with their mishandling of soem older properties and dlc . They still tried new stuff , very stuck , but also helped revive 2d fighting games .

XtraTrstrL2778d ago

Yeah, I may be coming off a little harsh because my personal views towards Capcom atm. Asura's Wrath, Harvey Birdman and Zack and Wiki are good examples of them trying new stuff.

With Street Fighter though, Ono had to fight tooth and nail to get the chance to even attempt the game. They completely shitted on MvC3 players with the release of UMvC3 less than 9 months later, that wasn't upgradeable. It's just stuff like that, where they have success with doing something good like attempting fighting games again, and immediately ruin the good graces by abusing the fanbase.

You are right though, they have attempted a few more new IPs than other publishers of their size have in recent times.

2778d ago
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