New Gears 2 Info in latest Game Informer [Update]

Xbox360fanboy writes:

As is often the case with video game news, a sharp-eyed forum-goer brings us this story. Over at NeoGAF, a poster with the latest issue of Game Informer has been relating some of the Gears 2 info contained within.

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TrevorPhillips3846d ago

gears 2 will rock your world

chaosatom3333846d ago

just create huge enviroments and more people in there.

wow4u3845d ago


Halo 3: 8 vs. 8 Multiplayer.
Frontlines: Fuel of War: 50 vs. 50 Multiplayer.
Huxley: 60 vs. 60 (100 vs. 100 possibly) Multiplayer.

The point is that different games want different experiences. Just putting more people in the game is not the point.

There is all manner of Massive Multiplayer videogames here or coming exclusively for Xbox 360.

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jkhan3846d ago

Damn the man in the cowboy hat looks real badass. Do I see new type of enemies?:D YES I DO:D
Plus that girl looks cute as well:P

wow4u3845d ago

Ha, I thought the same thing. The dude in the cap looks like he enjoys a cigar and a shot of whiskey. My kind o' badass.

Fishy Fingers3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

Sounds like it's just going to be 2 player co-op again, I was personally hoping for more, at least 4, so that's kind of disappointing as me and my bro's are big co-op fans.
Other than that, sounds good, 100's of emery AI will be cool as long as they can keep them all intelligent at the same time as the tech demo showed nothing more than simple clones following a set routine, hell you can have over 50 bots on UT3 (PC) so I cant see why not.

Roll on November...

If you disagree, please state why? Oh that's right, your not allowed to be critical when its Gears are you.... Even when its your own personal opinion...

Sayai jin3846d ago

Just ignore it. People always do that, leave disagree and not state why. You said it was a disappointment for you not everyone else, nothing wrong with that. But it is not just Gears that people do this too. Youill get about 15 to 20 disagree for stating an unbiased opinion about MGS4, KZ2, etc so it goes both ways. I have not heard anything definitive on the number of co-op. Yes I hop the AI is intellignet which I am sure they will be.

BTW I did not give you a disagree.

Danja3846d ago

Show us in-game graphics...dats what everyone wants to see....

need to see this best graphics

JasonPC360PS3Wii3846d ago

GDC 08 tech demo, it's labeled as Gears of War 2 gameplay footage on the Xbox Live marketplace and over at Gametrailers. We seen it, you seen it here on N4G, and probably drooled over it over at GT. Nice try Danja, but you probably should have stayed in bed this mourning, because that jealousy is making you sick and you don't look so good :) thats your special little link.

I know that hurt Danja.

Blademask3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

keep thinking they said otherwise.. hey I'm sure Alan Wake is going to release footage soon as well.

@ Danja,

Cant do 16 players. They said they are doing 5 vs 5. Epic. So much powah.

Danja3846d ago

lol...ur now bragging about a Tech they have better water effects ..what esle is there to be proud of in that Tech demo..?

Not to mention Uncharted still has better water effects..than what was show in that silly demo ..of that outdated engine..

look at the mindless A.I's running into the more than visible wall...and the graphics looks the same....

RFOM2 is what you call a true sequel when everything improves..Graphics & Gameplay....60 player online...lag free......can Gears even manage 16 players...?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3846d ago

Blademask, it was "only" Mark Rein who said anything, and it was taken out of context. Google it :) <---

Nice try though, now excuse me I'm going to do a "you" and troll some PS3 news :)

Spydr073846d ago

Get a life, man. What's the point of raining on their parade? Who cares if Uncharted does have better water effects? Whuppidy-do-da. Do you sit and stare at them all day?

I played and beat uncharted and the storyline was mediocre at best. RFoM killed it in that aspect. Nor did I really care for the graphics. The foliage looked really cheesy for all of the hype. Not to mention it was a ten hour game with no multiplayer--which Gears has.

I for one would love for Gears to be on the PS3; it's a great game. Cheers to the XBOX owners for Gears 2. It will be great, despite what trolling fanboys say.

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power of Green 3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

#1.1, Not if you have anything to do with it< Gotchaaa...

#3 lol, That was a demonstration and should be taken at face value vs how the knew tech that was just roughly demonstrated will be implemented in the real game. Friggin Sony fanboys.

Fishy Fingers3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

That why i called it a tech demo, or did you miss that?

Oh, and "Friggin Sony fanboys." the only fanboy here is you, I own a 360, PS3, PSP, DS, Wii, PC, Iphone etc

I own everything, so grow up and leave me out of your childish game of name calling you prepubescent idiot.

At least you know where your rubbish belongs, in the open zone... or where you banned from the gamer zone... I wonder....