GamesRadar: Code Lyoko: Fall of XANA - hands-on - Early days yet, but the gameplay is looking good

GamesRadar writes: "The last thing you'd expect to see from a kids' cartoon spinoff series that already has several videogame incarnations under its belt is something new. But that's what you get from Code Lyoko: Fall of XANA. This DS adventure has gone all-out on the game design, making for a more interesting Code Lyoko game than your average TV show spinoff.

The bulk of the game is a turn-based RPG model with the main cast of the show - Ulrich, Odd Della, Aelita, and Yumi - as your party. Combat takes place in Lyoko (the digital world) where the computer virus XANA and her minions lurk. Outside the digital world, Fall of XANA plays like a point-and-click adventure game - players move through the school grounds and tap the stylus on people to talk to or things to activate. This is the "story" part of the game where there's a lot of talking and tons of plot exposition. The developers decided to factor that out of primary gameplay by separating it from the plot (what you do in the game), so you can choose to go get the details on what you're doing - or just go on into Lyoko and do it."

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