1UP Previews: Demigod - Not just another walk in the pantheon

1UP writes: "Despite Chris Taylor's... how do you put it?, the maverick developer likes to keep a low profile and think small. Gas Powered Games, the company he founded 10 years ago, doesn't feel like a huge blockbuster-producing development house. It's no fly-by-night, four-guys-in-a-garage operation, either, but teams are tiny (the size of Demigod's squad only recently hit double digits), and each group functions like a self-contained unit instead of a cog in a larger machine. Each runs its own servers, owns all of its own equipment, and makes its own rules. This is how independent game development infects a big-league developer, circa 2008.

And like many other indies, Gas Powered Games wants to mash up gameplay and mutate genres. The difference is that GPG has a deeper well to draw from than most pajama programmers. Cult classic Total Annihilation was Taylor's first brainchild back in 1997, and since then, his company's produced Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander along with their respective sequels and expansion packs. Sift through this back catalog and you'll find plenty of real-time strategy and fistfuls of roleplaying, but never in the same box. That's changing with Demigod."

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