Dawn of War II and Warhammer 40K Online details coming soon

Tyler Nagata reports:
''While we've been wasting our time wondering if Tyranids will be playable in Dawn of War II, PC Gamer was lucky enough to visit Relic's Vancouver studio for a first look at the gritty, blood-soaked real-time strategy game. Expect first impressions on how Dawn of War II's shaping up, new details on THQ's Warhammer 40K Online, and how fans played a pivotal in changing EA's Warhammer: Online.''

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JsonHenry3847d ago

I never was a fan of Dawn Of War the first time around. But it does have a lot of expansion packs out for it and a lot of people playing. So maybe when I get bored of CnC3 and SC2 I will have something to look forward to.