Three Bioshock Infinite DLC Add-Ons Announced

Return To Columbia And Beyond In These Three Additions To The Award-Winning Bioshock Infinite.

"Under the sea" Theme*

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Iltapalanyymi2778d ago

YES! i just completed infinite yesterday!!

jjb19812778d ago

I just got into com stock house. Maybe another hour or so?

Iltapalanyymi2778d ago

yea. about 2 and a half hours left for ya dude! :3

kyon1472778d ago

I can not wait for this DLC - to go back to Rapture is the greatest thing ever!

bsjkupo2778d ago

So glad we can actually now see what happened to Rapture!


Really? Back to Rapture again? Dont get me wrong Burial at Sea looks interesting but I really hoped there would be another story told in Columbia, there were so many possibilities.

Oh and the Clash in the Clouds dlc should be free, come on Irrational you can do better than that.

kyon1472778d ago

Clash in the Clouds looks like it could go mulitplayer just by the way the game mechanics are working.

despair2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

There will not be MP in any form for Bioshock Infinite I believe including dlc.

Rhezin2778d ago

Wish at least one story DLC was releasing to keep us invested. I can't stand challenge levels.

Swiggins2778d ago is....Buried at Sea.

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The story is too old to be commented.