BioShock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds - Eurogamer review

EG: First things first: this is not the story-driven new BioShock Infinite adventure for which you were probably hoping.

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Roper3162618d ago

" this is not the story-driven new BioShock Infinite adventure "

That to me equals a immediate pass on the DLC, the last thing that I'm personally interested in is another horde mode?

despair2618d ago

disappointing but I'll still play it.

Rhezin2618d ago

I know right?! I sadly bought the season pass, so now I can only hope the story DLC hits before the end of the year. :/

Spurg2618d ago

Ermm...i'm sorry but Bioshock Infinite was screaming for a Horde mode.

LightSamus2618d ago

No, it really wasn't, especially not as Season Pass content. I'll download and play it, but with proper DLC on the horizon, it feels like filler just to stop people complaining about the lack of DLC. I'd rather have just carried on waiting.

Roccetarius2618d ago

Seems dissapointing, and totally not the highlight of this game. The combat was not exactly top notch.

Spurg2618d ago

Wow i got disliked because of my opinion.
You lot are complaining at a content that makes the game more replayable. When the Story DLC hits you will played it for the story and then forget about it...this DLC on the other hands adds more replay value to the game.

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