The Precursors Coming to Xbox 360, New Trailer Unveiled

What if…mankind is not the first… but the last to travel the galaxy? What if…we once had ten planets in our solar system, but one was destroyed by an alien race looking for technology? What if…the precursors of the human race had to defend their very existence, millions of years ago?

You'll know the answers to these questions soon enough… once you enter the world of The Precursors, a next-generation game that combines first-person shooter gameplay, role-playing elements and space combat.

Developed by Deep Shadows and dubbed by IGN "a game which you should watch closely," The Precursors takes you on the role of a young fighter pilot who immediately becomes embroiled in a tumultuous war that will engulf the cosmos.

In the following trailer, the multifaceted world of "The Precursors" is revealed through interactions with exotic aliens, a giant mech robot battle, and an intergalactic showdown in which the innards of human-eating flowers become charred with an assault rifle.

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TheXgamerLive4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

W/O even looking I know your a mindless sony drone, oh, ok, go ahead little drone and walk alone.
Now aside from that.......................... .
this game looks awesome, I havent seen anything that's this large and open look this good. When it's this open and big and you have sooooo much that you can do, it's great to see such awesome graphics, yes some weren't up to snuff yet, but this is a first impression, so clap hands for a first view. I think this will be a game that will play like star wars galaxies, ...for a long time, w/new add on's, features and possible universes.
Is it universes or universe's or just universe lol.

xboxlj4465d ago

We just lost another planet (pluto), so now we are down to eight.

beans4465d ago

I don't know what to say about what I just saw! Somethings looked good and somethings looked bad so who knows what it will look like in a year after they hopefully make it look more realistic and next-gen! I do love the big vision there trying to create and really thought the weapons were pretty cool!

kmis874465d ago

Isn't the FPS genre crowded enough this generation?

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The story is too old to be commented.