N-Gage digital distribution live(News)

Nokia has announced the launch of a new online retail distribution channel for N-Gage games and content, enabling consumers to access a broad catalogue of titles which can be securely purchased, saved to a memory card and installed on various compatible devices.

The new service offers a selection of popular titles for the N-Gage gaming platform, with prices ranging from EURO 19.99-29.99. Games are downloaded directly to the user's PC, and can then be transferred to a memory card and easily installed on either the N-Gage game deck or a compatible Nokia S60 or N series mobile device.

Jukka Hosio, Nokia's director of multimedia global sales, commented: "As we move forward with our next generation of mobile gaming, we continue to offer N-Gage owners easy ways to get games. By making these games available for download over the internet, we're making it easier for N-Gage owners to find and purchase new games."

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Farlight 84 New Battle Pass - Advance Tracker, Farlight Coins and More

Farlight 84 will get the V2.2 update, and the test servers for the next versions are up and running. This update will bring multiple good changes and new features to the game. One such new thing is that the game is revamping the Battle Pass.

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Epic Empire: Tower Defense Mobile Game Globally Released for Android

Epic Empire: Tower Defense, as the name itself specifies, is a tower defence game from Amaterasu Games released globally for Android devices. In this game, you protect your kingdom from the waves of invading monsters.

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Hitman: Blood Money — Reprisal Review - Hardcore iOS

Set against the backdrop of a shadowy underworld, Hitman: Blood Money — Reprisal follows the exploits of the enigmatic assassin.

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