Incredible Hulk Wii vs. 360, PS3 screenshots

The difference is slightly more than a wii bit when it comes to Gaming Target's comparison between of The Incredible Hulk on next-gen systems and other "next-gen" system. Notice the the decreased muscle definition as well as the barren city detail in the Wii version (the first image) and the higher textures of the true next-gen version (second image).

"The Incredible Hulk doesn't release until early June, in conjunction with the upcoming Edward Norton movie. So, there's some time for Marvel's green superhero to take some vitamin supplements. But here's a quick comparison of how he's shaping up...

Judge for yourself"

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Breakfast3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

I think its obvious that the xbox360 version looks way better than Play Sta...wait a minute... wow they're not comparing xbox360 vs ps3.

Take picture, it might be worth something one day.

@ Below

lol...join forces to take that down that god forsaken wii.

SwiderMan3848d ago

Hah, good one. I guess you could say PS3 & 360 joined forces on this one. ;)

VigorousApathy3848d ago

It's not a graphical issue. The lesser amount of muscle definition is due to the Incredible Hulk being slightly less angry about being on the Wii.

tethered3848d ago

Biggest fan base on Wii = less angry?

I can agree with that.

VigorousApathy3848d ago

Don't tell anybody, but he's a cartoon.

joydestroy3848d ago

no he's not. he's real. i saw him the other day.
having crumpets and tea with santa :D

Warbletot3848d ago

@2.3 - Funny! Santa gave Hulk all the presents he wanted..

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Skerj3848d ago

The Wii version looks damn almost like Ultimate Destruction with a less colourful Hulk.

Danja3848d ago

yes it does ..also the background details looks even worse than Ultimate destruction ..

Engineer3848d ago

Is this a successor to Ultimate Destruction? Or will it just be another Incredible flop on the gameplay radar like most superhero games (I'm looking at you Spiderman 3)?

Prismo_Fillusion3848d ago

And yet...all versions will probably be awful.

Also, green and brown...yuck.

romaink3848d ago

I really wish that Marvel would license an optimal game engine to create games that live up to the movies.

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The story is too old to be commented.