Cowen report shows Call of Duty: Ghosts leads preorder sales heading into fall

Call of Duty: Ghosts leads the pack in preorder demand for fall games, based on a new report from analyst firm Cowen & Co.

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pedrof932883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

And unfortunately I didn't get mine. I got BF4 instead because KZ wasn't available.

For those believe in this spectacular game and call it "bland" and "generic" all leave this here.


allformats2883d ago

And that's because PS4 is dominating the preorder charts on every retail/etail outlet.

A new revolution of gaming is coming, it begins with PS4.

We've already gone beyond, now it's time for greatness.

Fireseed2883d ago

I'm excited for the PS4 as much as anyone else here. But with that being said I don't think their is EVER an excuse to repeat PR slogans.

die_fiend2883d ago

@ fireseed

I know - they sound like crazy cult fanatics saying this like 'Greatness awaits!'

My PS4 pre-order is down and it looks like KZ will blow those other games away, but some people here need to calm themselves, you're like walking billboards

SilentNegotiator2883d ago

*scoffs* Xbox fans never support their exclusive IPs. :)

B-radical2883d ago Show
Kingthrash3602883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

@miku ^^^^^^ lol......ouch

Skips2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )


Sony showed LASTING support for PS3 with games like The Last Of Us, GT6, GOW Ascension, Sly 4, and Beyond Two Souls which makes me even more excited for what they have in store for next gen...

Can't wait for Gamescom... 20 EXCLUSIVES COMING!!!

scofios2883d ago


That's easy if you only have a few too support,halo gears , forza, gears ,halo, fable ,halo ,gears, forza ,fable, gears...And some kinect shovelware.

LuditPRIME2883d ago

Its hardly surprising you cant buy a ps4 without a game so naturally killzone will benefit.

I just hope for the sake of you SonyFBs that the launch games live up to the hype. Because nobody likes a game that is too hyped because it will never meet your expectations.

As for the greatness awaits comment. I love excitement but Choke your enthusiasm. Your gonna get burnned. Greatness awaits when the second wave of game's comes next year at the very least.

And lawd I hope Half life is there!!!!!!!!!!!

Electric-flamingo2883d ago

How are you gonna post a pro ps thread, and then go into the thread, and be a troll and repeat Sony slogans. Get a life dude.

TemplarDante2883d ago

wow. That was good :)
If I didnt already have a PS4 on pre-order, this line " A new revolution of gaming is coming, it begins with PS4. We've already gone beyond, now it's time for greatness." wouldve sold me into pre-ordering that beast!

dedicatedtogamers2883d ago

All I came here to say is that - whether Killzone's preorders are more or less than two completely dissimilar games on a competitor's console - I really hope Killzone does well. It always has been a fun but flawed B-grade series with the potential to be A-grade, and it looks like Guerilla is putting in the extra footwork to make it A-grade (those open-ended maps!). Let's just hope the fans respond in kind.

Ezz20132883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )


that's true

A_Gamer2883d ago

@ LuditPRIME
But you can buy a ps4 without a game.
and here
Just saying though...

Patrick2883d ago

Really, now yall gonna whine about people being excited about their console of choice and showing support by repeating its slogans? People do it all the time by wearing articles of clothing with brands and slogans on them, and they pay to wear them, which is pretty much paying to be a walking advertisement.
So, if people are excited about the PS4, and they have every reason to be, they have every right to show their support by repeating slogans. On here it's the closest you can get to wearing their colors or symbol.
Besides, Greatness Awaits and U R NOT(red)E

abzdine2883d ago

killzone Shadow Fall is going to be a beast!! You have my word!

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NewMonday2883d ago

If PS4 gets a larger market share this will give Sony 1st party games better grounds for success, this will lead to even more investment on exclusive games.

s8anicslayer2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )


"Its hardly surprising you cant buy a ps4 without a game so naturally killzone will benefit."

That is the dumbest excuse to give as to why the game is selling well, There is many other titles to choose from aside from KZ the fact that it is outpacing all others is the fact that PS4 is controlling Pre sales global and KZ is the PS4's killer app right now! I have always been a fan of KZ but honestly not of KZ3 as it is in my opinion the worst in the franchise but Guerilla has come out and said that the franchise has been reworked from the ground up. Let's not also forget that KZ also has a great multi player following as well and this will only improve with the PS4 and more people owning copies of the game.

LuditPRIME2883d ago Show
LuditPRIME2883d ago Show
justastranger102883d ago

I think its too late for Sony to win back those 70+ millions of gamers lost such as myself. We are part of Xbox nation now.

RememberThe3572883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

The trolls are multiplying like rabbits and Hennessy.

It's interesting to see that the other launch titles from Sony aren't getting much interest. Seems I'm in the majority in my indifference towards Knack, but I haven't really seen enough from Driveclud to know whether I'm interested in it or not. It'll be interesting to see how Sony sells the PS4 and it's launch titles.

G20WLY2883d ago

^@ Skips

"LASTING"? You can put "ing" on the end of the word "last"?!

I think Microsoft missed that memo... ;P #onlyjokingguys

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XboxFun2883d ago

This pretty much proves that even the Sony fans love their first person shooters contrary to the whole "Xbox is only for shooters" statement.

MysticStrummer2883d ago

@XboxFun - What does one thing have to do with the other?

"Xbox is only for shooters" means there's not much variety on Xbox, not that PS users don't buy shooters.

It's not surprising that KZ is outpacing Forza and Ryse.

Ryse is a new IP that looks good but not incredible, and Forza has a history of selling less than it's N4G fans think it will. If MS had been smart and provided a Halo game for launch, I'm sure the numbers would be much different.

KZ is an established franchise in a popular genre that's known for great visuals and solid multiplayer, if not groundbreaking gameplay.

A comparison of pre-orders for multi plats like BF4, Watch Dogs, and AC4 would be more revealing. Last I saw, BF4 was the top pre-order on both consoles.

Blaze9292883d ago

a shooting game doing better than a racing game and new action IP. Go figure

Kryptix2883d ago


Not sure if you knew, but Killzone: Shadowfall is one of the two exclusives that comes in a bundle with the PS4. Pre-ordering the bundle is also pre-ordering the game that it offers, boosting it's sales. Killzone has proven itself to be the game to get more than Knack so of course people will pick KZ over Knack. What other option is there? If Infamous: Second Son had a bundle, the story would probably be different. More like Killzone: Shadowfall and Infamous: Second Son outpacing Forza 5 and Ryse.

JokesOnYou2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Silent its preorders, so nothing is sold yet. Preorders for games are a good indicator but hardly representative of actual sales since many folks never preorder. Also I was told not to listen to analyst last week when he said his data suggest X1 momentum was building and it would be 2-3 times ps4 at launch. When it was posted n4g analysts said analysts dont know shiiiii. I was clear that besides Pachter most do do their homework.

Top 3 launch exclusives:

KZ: SF 30.3
Knack 7.7
Driveclub 3.0
Total: 41.0

Forza5 18.8
DR3. 15.0
Ryse 13.2
Total: 47.0

lol, So Silent according to this info that you are bragging about who doesn't buy their exclusives?

JokesOnYou2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

I guess people only read the headlines.

OK to add given the above data X1 which is supposedly far behind ps4 in preorder sales is actually selling more exclusives than ps4, even more telling when you consider X1 has more exclusives at launch to divide sales but still its top 3 surpass ps4.

-hmmm so is there really a huge preorder gap or are X1 games just more appealing to xbox fans vs ps4 games to ps fans.

XboxFun2883d ago

@ Joke
It seems KZ is outpacing because that's pretty much the only game that looks interesting at launch for the PS4.
Of course it would be outpacing everything else including its own games for the PS4.

In my opinion I'm glad the X1 has more of a variety in launch titles than just a FPS.

thetruthx12883d ago

It's the only game Ps4 has right now

Xbox one owners have to decide between Forza, Ryse, Dead Rising 3, and Killer Instinct

When most ppl don't have the $ to get more than one game, and an extra controller

ohiostatesman2882d ago

Another analyst that doesn't know what he's talking about.

scott1822882d ago

Killzone shadow fall really does look amazing, I might not be able to resist it.

fr0sty2882d ago

Fanboys posting numbers again... numbers that omit obvious facts that effect sales, such as bundles or online giveaways (drive club is free on +...).

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Geezus2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

pretty graphics dont mean shi- if the gameplay isnt up to par just look at Crysis. Im cautiously optimistic for Killzone but if its like past Killzone titles.... meh.

Cupid_Viper_32883d ago

And which part of what was shown so far gives you the feeling that it will be like past Killzone Titles? (which were great to begin with)

pedrof932883d ago

I own both past Killzones, I can say that they were great. Killzone 2 being the best. It had pretty graphics, perfect gameplay, great multiplayer, a super intense atmosphere, and personally you can take Killzone more seriously than any Halo game.

And they both had great scores !?

awesomeperson2883d ago

From what we've seen from gameplay it looks to be better/less linear than previous titles.

I've got it preordered and it will be my first PS4 game I play.

What I personally think looks even better gameplay wise is Killzone Mercenary on Vita though. I don't have a Vita yet, but the looks of that game make me want one.

MajorLazer2883d ago

Agreed. Killzones only bragging point, IMO, is the graphics

HammadTheBeast2883d ago

If you haven't played KZ2 multiplayer with a coordinated team, GTFO plz.

Killzone 2, one of the best overall multiplayer fps experiences ever.

Geezus2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

cuz it killzone titles usually dont stray too far from their identity.
the campaigns were alright the color palettes just were always boring dark and gray and what not they seems to have better that with this KZ . My main gripe is with the multiplayer i never go into it was just meh...average...nothing special imo. Honestly Resistence: Fall of Man was my favorite exclusive Fps for the ps3 of the whole gen. Imo theres better FPS's out there.

Kryptix2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

I'm pretty sure almost everyone here watched the E3 gameplay but it shows how they moved away from the linear levels. You'll be able to tackle missions in any order you want because of the open maps. Gameplay has really improved but I want to know more about the story. Hopefully they add more emotion and depth to the new characters.

slimeybrainboy2883d ago

Are you people really that stupid? Do you eveen play games or do you just run around making strange points everywhere? Crysis is widely accepted as having great gameplay. You have invisibility the shield the jump the stomp.The gaeplay has sooo much depth, and the add to to it with iteration, with Crysis 3 being a really good game. You can't just look at CSrysis as if the general consensus is that the gamep[lay sucks but it's pretty.

Geezus2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

i never said Crysis gameplay sucked i was alluding to the fact that its good not great and its my opinion which has as much value as anyone else's. There's better Fps imo out there but crysis is definitely in a league of its own when it come to graphics... gameplay meh.

NumOnePS3FanBoy2883d ago

i see we have some COD noobies here like geezus

Ezz20132883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

So a guy with *Halo* avatar is bashing Ps exclusive Killzone

yeah , i didn't see that coming /s

modesign2883d ago

after seeing ryse and forza, i already know your buying generic titles, so no suprise the xbots are not even supporting their own exclusives, they will all flock to the COD and BF4, whatever floats their boats.

Master-H2883d ago

Are you "mehing" Ryse too since it's made by the same graphics over gameplay people from Crysis or you gave that one a pass because it's an X1 title ?

jollygoodchap82883d ago on Crysis/Crytek for garbage gamplay yet you MS fanboys are so fast to praise Ryse.

Kurt Russell2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

This new KZ looks amazing but in all honesty I've only played KZ2 and wasn't really that in to it (preferred Resistance for some reason), I am waiting until it's out before buying. Meanwhile I will be buying BF4 and Knack! :D

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r212883d ago

Man, I dont even know what a generic shooter is. Actually, when I think of a generic shooter, i think up something like CoD, not KZ SF.

T22883d ago

good point because all the people in here bashing KZ titles have not played them, that's almost a guarantee. most are COD newbs or just Halo d-riders.
KZ2 was a very, very good multiplayer game. Always has good visuals, KZ3 was pretty good, a bit of the same stuff, but had some new elements. Overall pretty fun to play online... my only complaint was a smallish skill tree. The controls are different but have a good feel, always a good connection too by the way.
At least if you are gonna come in here and bash a franchise, have some valid statements to go along with it.

JunioRS1012883d ago

Jesus christ just give me my PS4 already.

I didn't pre order KZ, but I'm probably gonna pick it up a few days after my PS4 arrives.

Low budget, had to go with the game I know I'll enjoy, BF4.

I'm waiting around for some game reviews to come out before I run out buying up a round of video games.

FamilyGuy2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

KZ Sf is the poster boy for a high quality, high-production value, system selling. next-gen launch title. It defines "AAA exclusive". It's pretty, it looks fun, it looks cool and it looks worth every penny spent on it. Not to mention it already has a fanbase from being a well-received franchise.
It's a showcase title for the PS4 and the games coming later just push the presentation further.

This news comes as no surprise.

shinrock2883d ago

It was stated in a post earlier. Kz is not a seller.

Shadowolf2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

@Family Guy - Well said!

@shinrock - I remember the comment earlier as well. Logically a franchise ceases to exist if it doesn't sell well with examples of poor sales leading to developer demise for devs like Zipper, Bigbig, and a few others under the the Sony 1st party umbrella (its just business). With that said, Killzone Mercenary and Killzone Shadow Fall will be the 5th and 6th iterations of the franchise, there is even a noteworthy novel Killzone Ascendary which has been available since the release of Killzone 3. My point, Killzone titles continue to be developed because millions of gamers simply love the franchise and rightfully so. While it would be great for any exclusive to generate the Halo sales buzz, Killzone doesn't need to sell like Halo to be successful, it already is a successful franchise. Killzone is a superior shooter with an acquired taste, it is what it is. Like KZ2 and KZ3 Shadow Fall will be acquired millions and that's the simple truth.


plus assassin's creed 4,madden 25,nba 2k14,drive club and infamous...when it's available.

LuditPRIME2883d ago

As long as nobody mentions knack. Then its all good.

Ron_Danger2883d ago


Why not mention Knack? I'm 28 and I preordered KZ:SF and Knack. I remember playing Cerny's games on PS1 and PS2 and lived all of them.

I don't understand how people can petition to have Spyro put in PS All Stars, and at the same time, don't get excited about a new IP coming out by the same guy who made the original Spyro. We're so flooded by shooters (FPS and 3rdPS) and once a platformer with roots in the N64/ PS1 era gets announced, it gets flagged for being kiddish.

ZodTheRipper2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

^Very well said, except the fact that I loved Cerny games but unfortunately didn't have the chance to live (:P) them, I agree completely. Knack must not be overlooked, I'm really looking forward to play it.

Ron_Danger2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )


I just realized I wrote "lived" lol... I meant loved but the iPhone 4 has the worst keyboard in the history of technology

rigbybot1272883d ago

Knack is my most-anticipated of the exclusive launch titles, though KZ:SF looks damn amazing.

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Thisisjuju2883d ago

I hate to sound like a mong but I am mostly getting Killzone:SF for the graphics.

Now I know I know graphics don't make a game, but when I pop my first ps4 game in the tray I want it to look fantastic. Just like Heavenly Sword blew me away back in the day.

2883d ago
shinrock2883d ago

I was done after the first game on ps1. That games was a mess,so much so that I'm shocked it got a second game.

Shadowolf2883d ago

Nothing wrong with that, hopefully with K:SF you get more than just some incredible visuals. My hands-on says you will...

KazHiraiFTW2882d ago

If you want graphics get a PC, noob. There has been games out for literally years on the PC platform that look 10x better than KZ:SF