"Red Light Of Death" Xbox Owner Wants Same Extended Warranty As "Red Ring Of Death" Sufferers

Though Microsoft bowed to a gamer backlash and gave 3-year warranty protection for the widespread Xbox hardware failure known as "The Red Ring of Death," it seems another debilitating malfunction, "The Red Light of Death," hasn't become enough of a PR fiasco to merit the same treatment. Let's help it along with reader Steve's story...

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VigorousApathy3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

Not an issue. Just keep playing your 360 for a few weeks, ignoring the green vertical lines and eventually it will succumb to the more standard Red Ring of Death. At which point Microsoft will give you a new console and you'll be set for months.

I'm like some kind of idea machine.

Amanosenpai3898d ago

What's next the "Red Flashlight of Damnation", the "Red mortal light of apocalypsis"???

Seriously, MS needs a complete hardware restructuration to solve this issues...maybe with the 720, anyway custumers deserves a good service if the system fails.

kevoncox3898d ago

That's the problem with the interne now. Every idiot can create an indiviual problem and trun it into an epidemic.

I wonder would would have been said back in 2000, or 1996 and even 1991.

deeznuts3898d ago

Amon, your second one doesn't work. It needs to end in "of death." That's the only parameter required for MS. Blue Screen of Death, Red Ring of Death, Red Light, etc.


Lifendz3897d ago

what is with this system? It's almost comical at this point. Systems on display at game shows are getting the RROD, almost everyone I speak to that owns the system is on their second or third one, and now we have some red light of death?

MS, this is not cool. I want you to stay in the business just to keep Sony on it's toes but if you're going to put out systems with these sorts of malfunctions you're going to lose a good number of customers to either Sony or Nintendo.

jadenkorri3897d ago

oh their losing customers alright, once ps3 has the library...oh and lastly...Microsoft is not keeping Sony on there toes, Nintendo is killing Sony and MS at the moment...thou it will prob die down after awhile...

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Farsendor13898d ago

actually you can just wrap a towel around the 360 and it will cause prod i believe. think thats how my friend got his fixed even though the original problem was disc reading.

VigorousApathy3898d ago

If you wrap a towel around a PS3 it says "thank you, I was cold."

YoMeViet3897d ago

lol vigorous mine says that too

reccodog3897d ago

My Ps3 Is sooo cold it needs to build a fire all the time just to prevent the chrome paint from freezing.
never thought of a towel trick though. thanks.

cokzilla233897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

my ps3 is so0 cold that i dont need to turn on the AC in my house

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Skynetone3898d ago

Which apparently cant be fixed

Sarick3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

Do you think if everyone boycotted 360 it'd make them re-evaluate the console design?

I see it in this perspective. If there is a hungry tiger outside a village Africa. I don't think placing fresh meat in the center of town will make it go away. I believe the, feed it or ignore it mentality will only encourage it's negative behavior.

How does this compare to the tiger? Think of it like this, if people continue to support and accept the solutions MS is offering, it encourages the same negative practices farther down the road. It's simple, If no one fights back while MS continues to benefit saving money. There really is no reason to re-evaluate the repair process. Seriously, why should they if the customers aren't speaking with their pockets?

chaosatom3333897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

microsoft know how to fix RROD completely tho?
Why can't they just fix it and bring out the new consoles.

tomfoolery3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

Microsoft is leading the revolution in "not so good hardware",
to compensate for "incredible software.
It's the way of the new world kiddies.
Jump in or jump out.
Speaking for myself,I'd buy 10 360s for the gaming bliss they've set forth this gen.

Sony lost this gen in the gaming arena.

Blu Ray?
No flippin thanx.
I didn't spend the last 8 years building a dvd arsenal,just to have Sony say.............."hey.... .replace all of that with this".
Here's what I say to HD DVD & BluRay........................ ............................
............................. ...BLOW ME!
There's not a big enough difference to give a fvck.
And I would bet the casual consumer won't give a damn either for 5-8
years to come.
And by then,Digital Distribution will be in full play. Sony Ps3 boys will see........................... ........."JUST WAIT" LOL.

The 3 year warranty voids out all PS3 homo(sapiens)fanboys retarded FUD.
And if MS won't cover your console,
WAAAH..................go buy another one ya butt head!
Get a job.

Was it cool when the PS2 had issues?Yeah right.....did't think so.
And you Sony scabs KNOW it did.
Did Sony compensate for it or even acknowledge it?
Don't think so again fishheads(great name for droids Giant enemy crab).
Think about it N4G.


EDIT to genkie.

It's garbage in your opinion Sony child!'s fact.

gEnKiE3898d ago

Are you serious? How much time did you waste typing that garbage?

Xbox is the BEST3898d ago

first PS#2 had black lines running thru the games after 3 months. My 2nd PS#2 had disc reading problems. True story.

gEnKiE3898d ago

So, your saying the Wii won then? Because its killing both the 360 and the PS3 but I don't see you mention it once in your dumb "facts" bull.... Another thing, I think is funny that the PS3 is outselling the 360 everywhere but in the U.S. Even in the U.S. the PS3 managed to outsell the 360 for two months. So your going to keep saying that the 360 won this gen then? Tell me, if the PS3 had all the games that the 360 had, what could you complain about?..... Ohh, wait, you have no more bubbles because no one wants to listen to you dumba$$. Should'nt that say something?

VigorousApathy3898d ago

All Blu-ray players read DVDs as well. No one is forcing you to throw out your collection of DVDs.

heyheyhey3898d ago

so you say you cant be bothered to mve on from DVD, and the next-generation of movie formats doesn't interest you- yet you preach about the greatness of digital distribution (which requires a lot more hassle than Blu-Ray)

i sure do love the logic of idiots

Phil Harrison Mklll3898d ago

Throw it in the Bin! Get a PS3.
My PS1+PS2+PSP+PS3+MP3+T.V from SONY have NEVER broke down!
And thats the 100% TRUTH!

TheKungFool3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

Seriously people, stop taking away his bubbles. This dude is the most amusingly rediculous bloke around!

"I spent 8 years building a DVD library so BluRay can BLOW ME".....

some good logic there. I'm gonna go pop in an 8track and fire up the Atari7800 because CDs and anything else of a new format can "BLOW HIM" too.

Amanosenpai3897d ago

If the real deal after all is the Digital distribution, SONY has everything to win... like standard compatible hdd, sony bmg, blu ray storage, sony ericson, SCE, PSN and sony picture studios FTW

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gEnKiE3898d ago

How many problems does this thing have? I think M$ really should of waited to release the 360 so they could solve all these problems. All these errors are a result of a rushed product... I know all consoles have their problems, but this is just a bad move on M$'s part.

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