Top Five Games We are Looking Forward to on PS4

Later this year the new consoles will be taking over our living rooms and some of us won’t be able to stop playing on them because of the excitement, it’s been 8 long years since we’ve had new consoles. The longest wait gamers had to endure for new consoles. Many of us are gonna break night and call out from work to try and get more time with our brand new machines. Here we will list a few games that have us anxious to play them.


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Hanso3717d ago

my Top 5

InFamous Second Son



Killzone Shadowfall

Naughty Dogs next game

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Ezz20133716d ago

Great list

and i'm buying those too
Deep Down
The Order 1886
Witcher 3
the next Sony Santa Monica Game (Main Team)
Watch Dogs
Assassin's Creed Black Flag

levian3716d ago

I like the list! I'd agree with all of them, except for Killzone.

Kingdom Hearts 3
The Division
Lords of the Fallen / InFamous Second Son

Bathyj3717d ago

How can a top 5 list have Assassins Creed but no inFamous?

FlameHawk3717d ago

Not everyone likes the game you do.

RyuCloudStrife3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

well your top 5 is different than the authors... Should we lynch 'em? The description reads like it is talking about launch games... inFAMOUS releases in 2014...

Maninja3717d ago

Neither the division, deep down, or the crew are launch titles

Bathyj3716d ago

gee guys, over dramatic much?

assassins creed has become stale and stagnant.
infamous looks amazing.
you do the math.

drsnoopyseussdog3717d ago

Top 5 for ME:
5. Final Fantasy XV
4. Infamous Second Son
3. The Evil Within
2. Metal Gear Solid V
1. Kingdom Hearts 3

Maninja3717d ago

For me
Battlefield 4
Infamous: Second Son
The Witcher 3
Kingdom Hearts 3
Final Fantasy XV

cootdog1233717d ago

How about some Fallout 4 or Prey 2. And the next installment of The Last of Us.

iBlackyi3716d ago

Games that are already confirmed.... THLOU 2 isnt confirmed.

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