DmC Devil May Cry Developer’s Co-Founder “Can Empathize With” Phil Fish

Before, during, and after DmC Devil May Cry from Ninja Theory launched – a reboot of the series with an overhauled Dante – there was a lot of hate coming from the gaming community. Despite good critical reception, DmC failed to be a big blockbuster for Capcom, though they did report it had “solid sales.” - PSLS

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Need4Game2773d ago

Don't Mess With Dante's Looks, the Game will Fail in becoming Blockbuster, even if you bust it with Giant Swords.

HammadTheBeast2773d ago

Wasn't even the looks, they made the character from a "noble rebel", into a complete jackass who sniped the babies out of pregnant demons.

bowserone2773d ago

False. I can tell you didn't even touched the game or at best went in all negative. VIRGIL was the shooter. Dmc was the most unfairly hated game this gen. All the fanboys swore the reviews would slaughter it but all the major outlets and even reviewers like jim from destructoid enjoyed it. So the haters took to metacritic and what not. Half of the people who talk shit on dmc don't even get the plot or characters right. It wasn't gamings gift to mankind but it didn't hurt the series....dmc 2 did that. Also capcom had replaced dante with nero in the last game....which is a strong indicator that the series wasgrowing stale and they were gona dump it. Don't belive me? Look at all the canclled mega man titles. Most people just jumped on that we hate the tarseem guy at ninja theory band wagon. But DMC was a good game it had its issues but so called fans sending death threats over a game is pathetic.

CrossingEden2773d ago

um, first of all, old dante killed a demon's newborn babies in front of her, let her grieve, and then shot her and made a joke about it,
second of all, that "baby" was the antichrist, um wtf was vergil supposed to do, let it live, when it was already extremely powerful as a fetus -_- "oh this poor poor demon, it was so cute and loveable and definitely didn't try killing dante at all"
look at that cute little face, so innocent

zeal0us2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

It was the overall character that people didn't care for. That and some people complain about the fps rate and that some people felt game was too easy compared to older titles.

Who knows maybe it could've sold more if NT said it was a new story featuring new characters in the DMC universe rather than a reboot.

Blank2773d ago

Well not speaking for everyone but honestly they wouldve done way bette if it was a whole new IP entirely. As for the question if I prefer no dmc game at all I honestly dont know im sure other people have other dev teams they wouldve chosen to make a new dmc game. I live in the present and I hope Capcom regroups and really thinks things out next come around.

dredgewalker2773d ago

The look was only a small factor, it was more on changing the whole game into something that was barely recognizable by the fans of the series. Also it didn't help that the developers disrespected the fans and even trolled them. They had it coming.

CrossingEden2773d ago

so dmc is about a demon hunter killing demons in as many stylish ways as possible in the gameplay, wait wait, so this is your idea of unrecognizable?
or how about the extremely good attention to detail in the references to the old series
and no, the developers didn't disrespect the fans, the fans were extremely immature and didn't respect the developers and couldn't even accept the fact that they had different opinions about some aspects of the series, like the extreme objectification of women, sorry but this isn't how people would dress in a modern setting UNLESS you're a prostitute http://images2.wikia.nocook...

dredgewalker2773d ago

You're not into the anime culture aren't you? They really missed the mark in remaking Dante especially with the attitude. Also even if the some of the fans were disrespectful Tameem should have just kept his mouth shut or tried to reason with them in a civilized manner. Anyways Tameem has always been a whiner 3 games in row. They have a reputation for making only average games with the exception of Heavenly Sword.

2773d ago
OmegaSlayer2773d ago

Tameem begged for the hate he received and then started to whine.
You reap what you deserve.

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Root2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

One little problem though bloody deserved all the hate you got. You consistently seeked out new ways to p*** off the DMC fanbase whether it was being so arrogant about your horrible direction you took the series, the ways you called the old fans, the way you criticized the old combat when yours is worse, not to mention calling the series creator and old Dantes design in general.

"Despite good critical reception"

Don't care what anyone says, I still believe most of the big sites which are thought of making difference, were paid off in some way whether it was by money, free goodies or future exclusive news on new products.

You don't say nothing for two years while we all voice our opinion on the game then the month before it launches just suddenly start to defend the game. If the game has inferior stuff compared to the last game then it shouldn't be getting good's illogical. Lets not forget the reviews all seemed to be selling you the game rather then actually reviewing it and they all felt like they were saying the same things in the article like they had guidelines or a list of things to say

HammadTheBeast2773d ago

A-holes sticking up for a-holes.

Phil Fish, in the wrong, defended by Cliff Blizeinski, now by this a-hole who told his fans to GTFO.

Next we'll be seeing Don Mattrick defending him.

jimmywolf2773d ago

reminds me of the saying

birds of a feather flock together

dedicatedtogamers2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I'm starting to think this is exploding beyond the confines of the original situation caused by Marcus Beer. Game Trailers had a chance to apologize but all they did was write a piece about CliffyB's response and said "CliffyB is just seeking attention. He didn't make a good argument".

For years, game journalists (especially the US journalists) have become increasingly deluded and self-important to the point where people like Marcus Beer believe developers OWE THEM quotes whenever they ask for them or else you'll be pulled apart on our public show. TMZ-quality journalism.

And as developers continue to find ways to circumvent journalists and go directly to the fans (Kickstarter, various indie games and "grassroots" hits like Demon's Soul) the less important journalists become, and over the past few months, journalists (mostly in the US) have been repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot trying to defend Microsoft's actions, and now that the common gamer isn't running to them for advice anymor? Well, ya gotta get those clicks SOMEhow. If you can't get them by journalism, try fabricating some controversy. We get mad at game devs when they call gamers entitled. Why don't we give journalists the same hate? They called us entitled when gamers reacted negatively to the Xbox One DRM.

Mounce2773d ago

It's pretty much why I would side with Phil rather than the opposite side of this dilemma.

Phil Fish, yes, has personal issues, is an egotistical prick. However people are also warping together 'Personal Life' with 'Occupation dedication/success'. Like people did with Tom Cruise, he's a crazy batshit insane actor who's a Scientologist. Though he's still a good actor no matter who says he's an asshat because of his PERSONAL life.

Beer is a cunt because as a journalist or within a group of journalist, his occupation and personal life is TO BE, and SOUND LIKE an asshole and he takes it with pride so it easily seems. Phil Fish is just a ticking, emotional time-bomb of stress and anger-management. Beer? He provoked a time bomb because he likely saw that this would happen and he did it anyways.

How Beer acted, to TRY to piss someone off, to name call in any manner, to try to provoke, to try to troll, or get under his skin was completely unnecessary no matter how Phil Fish responded, and at that his 'death threat' infact being apparently a Futurama quote which was for him to probe how many would sidetrack the topic and throw majority-blame on Phil with Sensationalism. People like Phil, or Developers, Game creators, Movie actors, anyone like that who gets a public interview or say, goes on Oprah or The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Anyone who goes on those talks shows DOES NOT EXPECT TO GET PROBED. So, why is it 'ALRIGHT' for gaming talk shows to have asshats start trying to provoke negative attention? Honestly, why is it alright for so many of you to just shrug off at this vital detail? He came to talk about things, gaming, the industry or whatever and instead he gets a guy who caters around "things that he hates" (I hate his show anyways) and he tries nearly at the get-go to get under Phils' skin, and succeeds.

That and it seems like Beer and GT are completely being ignorant of the whole thing and not trying to take any inch of the blame.

I find it immature for people to Oppose Cliffy, or this DMC Douche from defending Phil. People are letting their emotions create their answer for them and not the rational side. "I hate them but never met them so I hope they fail and suffer" - is how it sounds like all of you people are talking. It's pathetic, unfair, and shows the worst of the consumers in the gaming industry because you all sound selfish and self-entitled HYPOCRITICALLY. -_-


theWB272773d ago

I'm sure they can, but there is a big difference between them and Fish.

Fish created a game that people loved. He could have been walking on air if only he didn't come off as a whiny douche. He could have completely avoided everything that happened. Instead he chose to be out there doing and saying what transpired.

Ninja Theory got blasted for changing a classic franchise. A mistake that couldn't be reversed unless they canceled the game and started over.

Godmars2902773d ago

At the very least he has a thicker skin. Still made the mistake of arrogance and only doubled down. Let his attitude directly effect what he made.

Then again Fish had an original project.

Death2773d ago

I think the old answer is the best answer. Devs should stop talking to the fans. It almost never turns out good when armchair journalists are always out for clicks. All the devs are just easy targets.

jimmywolf2773d ago

or here a thought don't be a ass? not you personally, anyone in general.

the best answers is not keep everyone in the dark, say nothing, an hope for the best. the best answers is ignore insults, an find witty way too turn thing in your favor.

if you cannot, ignore them, walk away, please people stop trying justify, pricks an asshole in are society.

if you want thing change for the better it not going happen sympathizing with those that can't handle criticism in society

if your life really that bad, you cannot control your hate. then change your life, don't seek too destroy others.

Godmars2902773d ago

Makes me want to bring up the name Molyneux, the guy who gave interviews just to be heard while failing to deliver on most if not all promises made said during said interviews. Not once ever being seriously called on his BS and very much fostering the belief that developers were required to be accessible to the game media.

Death2773d ago

Hey, I agree with you Jimmy, but at the same time I don't care what people think about me. Mr. Fish isn't like us. Obviously. He is letting the public consume him which isn't healthy. Cliff by the way said the same basic thing you did, but in his typical @ssH:)le way. If you haven't read his reply, give it a read. He calls it as he sees it with his brain mouth filter kicked into overdrive.

If I could pick 2 people to kick a few back with, I would pick Peter Moore for his insight into the industry. Last I talked to him I was blown away by how genuine and down to earth he is. The second would be Cliff. The journalist hinting that his reply was for exposure is absurd. Cliff walked away on top of his game to take a break. He doesn't need exposure, he needs his time with his family. Cliff's over the top persona that people see is pretty much him with less inhibitions. He's actually a lot quieter in person and respectful for lack of a better word. Drinking with him would be boring as hell or the most fun since the stories he has have to be funny as hell all while proving atleast a little bit informative as to how things really work on the other side of the controller.

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