Sony Reasserts PS3 Shipment Targets

Company executive states six million target a possibility

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highps34464d ago

Im a Sony fanboy and I believe the more than I believe them. They better get the units out, or else Ps3 will fail.

TheMART4463d ago

"a possibility"


Like it was possible that they would launch in Spring 2006.

Like it was possible that they would have millions of units available then like Ken said: we could start getting them out in weeks.

Like it was possible that they would have 6 million units available this Christmas.

Like it was possible to have 1080p but all launch games are allmost in 720p

Like it was possible to have better looking games on PS3 but the best damn thing out there this Christmas will be on 360 and nothing will come close to it... Gears of War!

A possibility? Ofcourse Sony. Try to get 500k out this holiday and then just see what you'll reach. 6 million? Probably Ken's wet dream it is

Karibu4463d ago

You're saying sony should have rushed PS3, isn't it better we got quiet and non overheating box??

1080p is possible at launch, some games are in 1080p, some games arent... Wtf was your point again?

Oh yeah, gears of war ... haha... that's the only thing you come up with comparing x360 ps3 games?? Give it up, gow isn't that beautiful, few ps3 games are much prettier. Much much prettier.

Is it a possibility that you stfu for now??
Stop wasting peoples time.

videl4463d ago

i hope they will reach the target!

FirstknighT4463d ago

I think they should worry about making sure they have WORKING units out and not buggy ones...It just feels like Sony is rushing this and there units might be very buggy...but we'll find out in a few weeks.

gnothe14463d ago

how they can only produce 500k at lauch due to diodes shortages then turn around an produce another 5 mil 500k in just 3 months.thats 6 mil systems made! they make me think they only wanted to do a limited amout of systems just to say they had a awsome launch an was all sold out,Honestly I think if they had launched with 2 million systems they might not be completly sold out due to price alone!! an that wouldnt look good in people eyes that the new ps3 DIDNT sell out!!

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