Fallout 4 Designer Reveals Possible Settings And Locations In the Upcoming RPG

KPopstarz: Bethesda is still keeping its mum about Fallout 4 PS4 and Xbox One release date but rumor says that most probably, it is going to be in 2015.

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2766d ago
Root2767d ago

Can they not set it in the UK. London would be amazing for a Fallout game

MattyG2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

They'll never set it in anywhere other than the States. It draw all it themes, humor and satire from being set in well known areas in the States. I think it'd be interesting to see other countries, but I doubt they ever will.

Matt6662766d ago

Even though you say that its a all out nuclear fallout so therefore other countries would actually be involved so I think it would still work

Swiggins2766d ago

It's unlikely that they'll ever set a Fallout in the UK, but it would be great to get some British characters in the Wastelands.

Ausbo2766d ago

No offense to those that live in San Fran, but i really don't want it there. I would love it to be london or some city outside the US, though unlikely that may be.

SpideySpeakz2766d ago

London?.. How boring, and unrelative. They can't bring back the Brotherhood of Steel if it's set in boring London. New York City, Boston, New Orleans, dang, even China.

Root2766d ago

Course they's their story they can do anything they want

aliengmr2766d ago

No, Fallout must be set in the US like Metro must be set in Moscow.

Fallout's essence is 50's/atomic age America. You simply aren't going to have that in any other country.

I'm all for games exploring different and unique settings, but there are a few that must not be touched and Fallout is definitely one of them.

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lashes2ashes2767d ago

Ummmm okay. The headline is complete crap, the person they interviewed does not even work at Bethesda. And he states these are we're he would like to see them go with the game.

JunioRS1012767d ago

He doesn't work at Bethesda, but he does work at Obsidian Entertainment, which helped developed on Fallout: New Vegas.

Which was even better than Fallout 3, IMO.

MrSwankSinatra2767d ago

well thats your opinion honestly i thought fallout 3 was a WAY better game, but i do love new vegas.

JunioRS1012766d ago

Whaaat?? No way. New Vegas had a way more interesting plot.

Infiltrating and learning about all the different factions?? C'mon, it was awesome.

cootdog1232766d ago

That's a big NEGATIVE brother lol. Too start off with I hope to all that is holy that they keep Obsiden away from the next game. New Vegas SUCKED plenty hairy ass. Not to mention it was way more buggy than Fallout 3. Don't want to go back to the fucking desert again. The NCR lol could have done without them and where did the Brotherhood go not a very big role for them in a game that was built around them from the start. And the main person in the game not coming from out of a vault WTF was that all about. Man whatever they do PLEASE keep Obsidien away from the damn game.

SpideySpeakz2766d ago

No RPG open-world shooter game has matched or surpassed the level of Fallout 3. NONE!
That includes Fallout: NV.

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FlameHawk2767d ago

and they haven't even announced Fallout 4 so the guy is not going to be called Fallout 4 designer.

greatcrusader442766d ago

Chris Avellone is a major contributor to the Fallout Universe. The Lead in Fallout 2 and New Vegas, and compiled the Fallout Bible. So he is a good source, even if its not much.

cootdog1232766d ago

Hopefully Beth will keep Obsid. well away from the next installment.

Wni02767d ago

hopefully fallout goes back to its top down view gameplay and non of this bullshit FPS crap.

Eldyraen2767d ago

I wouldn't mind a Fallout isometric RPG either but I enjoy the FPS-RPG hybrid its turn into as well. It wasn't what I was expecting from Fallout but it works. Makes for some fun times anyways and has a great world to explore.

Wasteland 2 might be up your alley though as I'm watching it as well (so many isometrics coming, compared to recently anyways).

Wni02767d ago

you guys do know fallout 2 is one of the best games ever and fucking bethesda goes and makes it a generic shooter.

MrTrololo2767d ago

Don't like it ? Then don't buy it. Why even bother comment ?

Swiggins2766d ago

I'd say that Fallout 3 was infinitely better than Fallout just about ever respect.

Come at me bro.

Heisenburger2766d ago

Did you even play it?

Don't misconstrue what I am saying, though. I have no issue with you not enjoying Fallout 3.

But I don't understand how you could call it a generic shooter.

There is nothing out there like the V.A.T.S. system, which contradicts the very meaning of generic btw.

Just try to articulate your point(s) better in the future.

Ausbo2766d ago

its definitely not generic. The themes of fallout, grit, and humor were all present in fallout 3. They just presented it in an FPS and everyone loved it. They just need to fix the bugs and floating npcs

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SITH2767d ago

LOL, I am playing Fallout Vegas and just talked to burnt man in the Article pic above.

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