Asda: We do support Nintendo, despite Wii U drop

Asda comments on their recent decision to no longer stock Wii U consoles in stores. The Wii U will still be available online, but is currently sold out due to a price promotion offered by the retailer.

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Concertoine3003d ago

Ive honestly never heard of such a major retailer doing this. Looking at the gamecube, 3ds, dreamcast, cant recall this at any point in their troubled lifespans.
Even if the wii u is selling bad now, dropping right before the big wave of system sellers seems shortsighted.

konnerbllb3003d ago

Whoever disagreed please post an example of a retailer deciding not to stock a top console in it's second year of life cycle in the last twenty years.

Anarki3002d ago

I didn't disagree, but I do recall Amazon not stocking up on Nintendo products a while ago. Maybe It's just late.

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Concertoine3002d ago

How odd that is, i always thought of nintendo as being very retailer-friendly. In fact TOO retailer friendly, with their online store prices equal to that of retailers as well as their insistence on region locking.
Im sure nintendo can turn this around, but as of late the wii u seems to be in a worse place than the other next gen systems by a concerning margin.

Shad0wRunner3003d ago

But, but, but...Nintendo's stock rose 4%. That must mean theyre doing really, really well...right? /s LOL

PopRocks3593002d ago

Do all of your comments have to condescending in some manner?

Shad0wRunner3002d ago

I call it how I see it, Pop. Nothing personal. LOL

RicardJulianti3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

I mean....considering they can lose $300 million a year, every year...and still be around in 30-40 years.....yeah, they're not doing too bad. Especially since that simply won't happen.

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RicardJulianti3002d ago

They would buy back all of their stock by then and become a privately traded company so their stock price wouldn't be relevant.

Sony has lost over $4 billion since their stock price tanking? Is the company worthless? No.

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chente00253002d ago

"The machine is temporarily unavailable on Asda Direct because of a £100 price cut, which has caused the console to sell out, he says."

"Wii U is doomed"....yeah right! Get a life losers.wii u will dominate this holiday season mark my words!

Shad0wRunner3002d ago


Not with the launch of PS4 and XBox One, this holiday season. It's gonna be a competition between who sells more units....and it wont be Nintendo.

Delusions of grandeur.

chente00253002d ago

"Not with the launch of PS4 and XBox One, this holiday season."

@shadowrunner 100 million consoles later....Wii says hello! ;)

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