Red Steel Multiplayer Trailer

Ubisoft has for months said that its forthcoming Wii first-person shooter, Red Steel, would feature a robust multiplayer mode. Now, the publisher has released a first trailer of the mode in action.

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2tired2day2hate4466d ago

i've heard and read this game was gonna be great. but this was the worst set of ads i've ever seen for a game. you can see that using the wiimote has your cursor or reticle all over the screen and is awkward moving your player around especially when the guy goes down the stairs. and using the scope only lets you see like 20% of the screen. the warehouse level looked bare but it might be decent. the others in the other video seemed like everything was cluttered and the other players that you see on the screen hardly move their bodies when they walk and move like south park cut-outs. i hated perfect dark zero and regretted buying it and this basically looks like the same game. the single player parts looked a little better but the sword fighting part seemed awkward. maybe the game is better than what these videos show but the graphics sucked and the sequence videos dont are just cutouts that move like the old twisted metal videos. i hate to just bash this game and not have anything good to say about it but that really dissapointed me. my best friend is going to get a wii and that was the one game i was looking forward to playing.

i have always thought that the wii wasnt even worthy of being called next gen cause its just a gamecube with a new controller that will try to live off the hype of moving a controller around in the air. and this only supports that to me.

ChickeyCantor4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

you are so full of S!.
first of all the word NEXT-gen is a ultra HYPE, they just use it so you would get interested, it only means next generation, thats all it doesn mean GFX or Cell processing !!

2nd holding a controller in the air?
thats what you are doing with a normal gamepad, but becozz you are holding it with 2 hands makes it more "relaxed" cozz you are supporting it with both hands!

im not saying anything about the game yet untill i have played it.

2tired2day2hate4465d ago

what im saying about the "next gen" thing is that the wii isnt that much more powerful than the original xbox and all it has is a controller with features that have failed before on other controllers. i know you mean "next gen" as the new wave consoles or the new product from each company but this differences of the ps3 and 360 are huge compared to their previous consoles. the wii basically IS a gamcube that now has internet and a motion sensing controller. neither of those things are new to gaming. they basically re-released an awful system with hyped, yet lackluster features so no i dont consider that "next gen".

and you know what i meant by the controller thing. i never used the word relaxed and that has nothing to do with what i was saying. i was referring to the motion sensing that, when it comes down to it, doesnt do anything that impressive. you wanna swing a remote like a baseball bat? why not play baseball? you get two devices in your hand with terrible button layout and a cord connection both devices. doesnt that mean double the batteries? if they arent always connected doesnt that mean double the chance of losing one? the people that have used it says it tends to make your arm sore and the novelty aspect of it gets old quick. not to mention i didnt even say "holding a controller in the air" i said 'MOVING a controller around in the air."

during your whole post you mis-quote me twice and put words in my mouth. plus you got mad at me for insulting a game/system but you never took up for it or proved any kind of point at all.

ChickeyCantor4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )


i didnt quoted you here, with the " i was trying to express it.
"i said 'MOVING a controller around in the air."
i asume you saw Wii-sports
so Wii-sports where you swing the bat, tennis racket, the bowling ball etc etc makes you think all games are going to played like that ?

you are talking its nothing new?
well it is, the way we play games on consoles is with a gamepad.

2tired2day2hate4465d ago

"i DIDNT QUOTED you here" - huh?
"you are talking its nothing new?" - what?
"so Wii-sports where you swing the bat," -???
dude i swear typing, speaking, communicating in general isnt hard. i dont know how you managed to figure out how to use a keyboard cause if you talk like that i'd have to guess you're a few chromosomes short. maybe english is a second language for you so i cant really poke fun if you are foriegn.

but anyway the motion sensing thing has been done before by ms and people hated it. the split screen issue that kmis87 brought up is a good point. and what WB tv show did they get those actors from? does anyone really act like that? like i said earlier maybe these videos just werent the best ones they could have shown but i cant imagine making up for those crucial flaws in any way.

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kmis874465d ago

Does anyone else think that this game is less suited for a splitscreen type of multiplayer, and more suited for an online multiplayer? I won't know how well it works until I play it, but I just think that it might be too difficult to play one one fourth of a screen in standard ntsc resolution.

BIadestarX4465d ago

I was thinking about the same thing. Give me mario any day, but just the control is not enough to make a good FPS. It will probably be the best wii gamers will get but Xbox 360 or PS3 gamers wouldn't trade whats coming for this...

CAPS LOCK4465d ago

i will have to agree with 2tired2day2hate, it did look bad, it looked exactly like golden eye with south park carboard cut outs and the multiplayer would be difficult.
did u see those 4 people on the chair, they couldnt even move freally, they where trapped in their own livving room. i will vote LAME.

Asylumchild4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

First off I would defently give this game a chance theres a mode where your controler rings and it gives u your objectives thats pritty sweet so like each person gets their own objectives and has to race for it! The deathmatch mode so to say looks mad fun id be pushin my friend all over while playing this so he couldent shoot me! I have a 360 That i play serious on but with the the Wii im just going to have a good time and the PS3 Well not many will spend that much LMAO but eny how I left out the second part
Sidar once again your retarded LMAO

GameOn4465d ago

to me this game keeps on looking worse and worse. sword fighting looks rubbish and now so does multi player.shooting in story mode does look fun though.

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