GameTap: Ninja Gaiden II Preview - A ninja dog is set loose on Team Ninja's latest effort

GameTap writes: "Ninja Gaiden II is obscenely easy.

Well, to be fair, it's obscenely easy on the Path of the Acolyte setting. So easy that I didn't use a healing item until well into the second level, and I didn't even die until the fourth level. For a little context, in the first Ninja Gaiden, I remember being astonished at how fast Murai ended me in the first level, and the Alma boss battle was my "OK, I've got other games to play" point.

Team Ninja recently supplied an early version of the game to the media, a pretty startling first for a developer known for holding onto games until they ship to stores. While there are some very rough aspects that clearly indicate this game still has a way to go before its June release, two things stand out: The core combat gameplay has been maintained, and the difficulty is certainly more accommodating for non-hardcore gamers."

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GiantEnemyCrab3847d ago

Playing a game on Easy makes it actually Easy? Color me suprised!

Let's see this guy try it on a tougher setting.