Ken Levine Teases Possible BioShock Infinite DLC Announcement Tomorrow at 8 AM EST

Considering how we’re at the tail end of July, people have begun to get a little antsy when it comes to the BioShock Infinite DLC, especially when the last update was that we’d hear something in late July. - PSLS

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ftwrthtx2775d ago

Can't get much later than this in July.

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dbjj120882775d ago

Jeez, I've already moved on.

Root2775d ago

The problems with DLC

It's either too early where we could complain it should of be on the retail disc or it comes too late where most of us have sold the game to pay for newer games or we've moved on where we've become bored of it.

There's never any balance

Thatguy-3102775d ago

No one is ever happy. This problem could have been similar to the last of us but the main difference is that TLoU has a multiplayer component that many enjoy. For now I just enjoy the multiplayer and when the story DLC comes around I'll gladly dive into it.

Wni02775d ago

This just in. It will be 2 shooting levels where you kill evil scientist and their minions and there will be some walkable cutscenes. OH I forgot, 1 new weapon.

Wni02774d ago

my god i was wrong. they actually are working on something cool. lets hope.

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The story is too old to be commented.