7 Things Gamers Can't Live Without in 2008

When you look at the gaming community, you will see people from all backgrounds and with a wide range of personalities and ages. Even though some see all the gamers in the world as similar, they are surprisingly very different. Ranging from six years old to sixty, and gamers who play games six hours a week to those that play sixty hours, gamers have a very wide range of interests and backgrounds.

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decapitator3898d ago

Yeah with GTAIV, LBP, Ninja Gaiden, MGS4 and maybe Alan Wake, I could definitely use numbers 1,3 and 4.

Breakfast3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

How bout Halo 4 Multiplayer Addition :)

@ Below

I play on my bed :) ...usually im by myself.

You can interpret that, any way you want too.

decapitator3898d ago

That would be welcomed as well but I need the Chair more, I will be completely engulfed in MGS4 and GTAIV experience and can't be bothered.

C_SoL3898d ago

All I need is 1 & 7...

Massacre3898d ago

Gimmie one plz. Kthanksbye.

ECM0NEY3898d ago

And for all my 420 people out there # 8 is a piece.

jinn3897d ago

Gears 2
Xbox live