How Nintendo makes the video game industry look good

For years, people like Jack Thompson have been spewing invective in an attempt to bring the video game industry to its knees. And while he and the rest of his cronies have done all they can to paint the picture that the entire video game industry is rife with sex, drugs and violence, Nintendo has led the way in showing the world that that's not even close to true.

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alcaponedya3899d ago

conforming to society and giving them what they want?
By making the gaming industry look good?
Hurry up April 29th, we real gamers need you to tell the media what gaming is really about.

DailyAddict3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

This guy is totally missing the point. He's giving Nintendo credit for something as if it's company policy to not put violent games on their consoles or handhelds, when in fact it's just because their market is mostly targeted at the younger generation who are more likely to go out and buy a Pokemon game over a God of War game. So, developers build games based on the market. If you look at the top 10 games (in amount sold) on both the Wii and DS, it's surprising to see that even Zelda's aren't #1. It's the more child friendly titles that are leading in sales.

If you ask Nintendo they even say that they don't develop games for kids. Regardless of what they think, their market has become dominated by kids.

Hell, if I wanted to even nitpick, even their naming and design guidelines for their machines themselves are more "Kid friendly." There's a PS3 (sounds hardcore), there's a 360 (sounds hardcore) and then there's a Wii (sound retarded and kid-like). There was PS2 (hardcore), Xbox (hardcore) and GameCube (sound kid-like and it was even designed to look like Barney's Lunchbox). On the handheld front there's DS (in between kid and hardcore) and before that it was just Gameboy (nough said).

We don't cater to kids my ass.

ChickeyCantor3898d ago

they cater to everyone, Kid friendly =/= kids only =D.

but i really dont get the fusss, as long this market( the hardcore market) exists there will be developers making games you want.
why? simply because you people are Willing to give money for it ( unless you are a pirate! XD).

Let nintendo do what they wanna do, Every company has the rights to do what they wanna do, their actions however, people do not have to agree with it but going "fanboy "on their asses is also useless.

live and let live? =D
( i know i took a different directions but im just letting this out)

shawn1173898d ago

so in april 29th "real gamers" are going to be walking around in a street with a gun and shotting at cars all day.

hmmm sounds boring..yawwn

Mandangoof3898d ago

They need to be shot dead as a company.

All they do is soil video gaming's name with sh!tty rehashes and non-games. Waggle is utterly useless, so there's no argument there.

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