GamesMaster UK: LittleBigPlanet - hands-on - The more you put in, the more it gives back

GamesMaster UK writes: "There's a very good chance that LittleBigPlanet is going to face a make-or-break situation when the game is finally released. The developers at Media Molecule readily admit that the game is essentially half finished and, potentially, never will be. You see, LittleBigPlanet is massively reliant on the community aspects of the game and even more so on the talented gamers who the developers hope will create levels to play and share.

Personally, we don't think that they have a great deal to worry about. You need only see sites such as YouTube or MySpace for examples of community-supplied entities to see that people want to make things and they want other people to see it. Even the complexities of mechanics and physics (fundamental theories that are essential to LittleBigPlanet) aren't a hurdle. If anything, LittleBigPlanet supplies the tools to create infinite things of beauty, curiosity and wonder. And there are a lot of smart cookies out there with ideas so astonishing they can make something incredible out of very little."

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BlackIceJoe3844d ago

I really hope LBP sells well because this game really looks awesome. The only thing I wonder about this game is if there will be any story that will be worked into this game.

TheExecutive3844d ago

yes there will be a loose story. it will have SP and you will need to play it in order to publish anything to the web. plus you will want to play it all the way through because throughout the SP they will give you all kinds of neat tools.

decapitator3844d ago

<-------------------- Awesome this game will be. Buy it I shall when it launches.

PS: Stole this meme from triggerhappy. props to him.

TriggerHappy3844d ago

Don't sweat it dude.

LBP kratos looks awesome.