PS3 Home accessed by NON Beta Users?

Youtube has some footage of home being access from the PSN network column rather than the "Normal" beta which is accessed through the game column. This user claims he's not in the Home Beta either.

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EZCheez3899d ago

How hard is it to just put the damn camera on a stable surface?! It looked like Cloverfield for a minute there.

Anyway, this guy, in all his glory, is a major idiot. I was stunned when he actually zoomed in on his name. What the hell is he thinking?

TheHater3899d ago

that they point, he wasn't thinking.

AlterEgo3899d ago

lmao THAT part..i had to rewind

LeonSKennedy4Life3899d ago

Come on. Cloverfield was frickin' awesome!

The camera work really wasn't bad at all.'d be shaking a LOT more than that if a fricking MONSTER was attacking your hometown!

It wasn't like the Blair Witch or anything. The camera work was very well done. You're just jumping on the hate bandwagon.

I LOVED Cloverfield!

Hagaf223899d ago

it seems like a open beta is coming soon, seems people found that on psn somewhere which means sony is planning its release of some kind soon. store comes up soon and it seems like it could be a home beta as the major unveiling. could be some good times ahead.

TheHater3899d ago

well it look like the 17th of next month will have some really "cool" news for Sony.

Mikelarry3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

nah this guy is lieing. a user caught him out on the psu forums

TheHater3899d ago

he got pwned in his own lie. LOL

Sev3899d ago

Yep. Sev1512 has debunked his crap lies.

If you want real info, you will have to check out my site....
Shameless plug.

PS - MikeLarry, is your name from the movie Bad Boys?

Area_513899d ago

i was just on the link you gave for the platstion boards, then boom they shut it down I think sony got wind of this guy...yea just like that they kicked me off and it said this story was done check it out

Baliw3899d ago

lol thread deleted on my face while surfing. whehehehe

Sev3899d ago

That is just the link where I called the guy out.

Here is the thread as to why I called him out

He claimed he got into home today. Yet he also claimed the same thing 2 months ago.

George Washington3899d ago

shut up serv. cant you see the damn video, its right there! that other home that everyone got through the folding @ home method. its the one that gives a network error. damn it cant u just shut up cause this is real and somehow he was on the list of users to be able to access the closed beta.

Sev3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

It gives EVERYONE the error. Why is this guy the one magic person that can connect to the server?

The reason? Like you said his name was on the list to get into the beta.
How was his name on the list to get in? Maybe because he was a home beta tester....
So of course when Home beta trys to connect to the server, it connects...

Which goes against his claims that he hacked his way in. He already had access. Just used the hack to make the Home icon pop up.

Thats not gonna happen to anyone else who tries this hack. Why get everyones hopes up for no reason whatsoever?
He showed 2 months prior that he got into home. So how did he get into home today for the FIRST time? If today was his first time getting into home, then what he did 2 months ago was a lie.
If he got into home for the first time 2 months ago, then he lied about today being his first time getting into home...
So he lied one time or the other.
Once a liar always a liar.

In easier to understand terms. Anyone who already has access to home beta, can delete home icon, and try this "hack" and guess what? It will work!! Why? Because they already had access to the FN server.
What dont you understand?

George Washington3899d ago

yea obviously he lied the first time. i also had that icon a long time ago when i did the folding @h method. but it just gave some error. i tried this method and it worked.. but it just wont let me connect to the server. theres no way that dumbass "hacked" it however there might be a way to trick it into logging into some fake server. but it would take someone with alot of skills in that stuff. its just wierd how that kid got in. i doubt he was a beta tester since he posted that stupid cr2p 2 months ago with no in game footage. he obviously made up all of that stuff. but for this one it looks legit. somehow he logged in.

Blackcanary3897d ago

Dude not lieing and he proved that he is not lieing on another website not even just that he posted the Home Savedata so people that working on trying to get in to Home can do it now if he was really lieing tell me Sev1512 why would he do that cause already if he was one of the people that got into the beta sony would of kicked him out fosting video on youtube.

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Blackcanary3899d ago

They guy is stupid he shows his name in the video watch when sony band him from the beta lol they proberly have all ready done it.

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